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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny thanks Lulu for a fantastic opening night.  Carly tells them they should be proud.  Lulu mutters to herself that her husband wasn’t there to help her enjoy it.  Lulu gets a call from Maxie, worried that Patrick didn’t come home. 

Dante tells Anna that they found more stuff at Archie’s apartment that ties him to Heather.  Anna’s concerned about Luke since there’s no sign of Heather anywhere.  Dante shows Anna the original letter from Luke and they realize there must be a message from him in it.  They decipher it to read that Heather is holding him in the woods, but wonder which woods and where. 

Olivia questions why Heather is in Anna’s room. Heather offers her ice tea which Olivia refuses.  Heather drinks the tea herself and then pretends to be losing it.  Olivia calls her crazy, which Heather takes offence to.  Olivia asks again why Heather is in Anna’s room. Heather claims she’s digging up dirt for her article.  Olivia says she’s breaking and entering. When Heather tries to leave, Olivia asks why she needed a forger. She says she’s told Dante and he’s putting it all together. 

Patrick sees Robin and thinks she’s come back for him.  Ghost Robin asks him to save her before she disappears.  Patrick tells her to come back; he’ll keep her safe.  Lulu comes out and asks what’s wrong.  Patrick sees Robin instead and kisses her.  Lulu breaks the kiss and asks why he did it.  He says he wasn’t kissing her, but Robin and swears she was there.  Patrick says Robin’s in trouble and needs his help.  Lulu says Robin is dead and that Patrick saw her because he was high.  Patrick denies it, but Lulu reaches into his pocket and finds the bottle of pills. 

Kate wants to make love with Sonny, but he’s concerned. It’s been awhile for them and she’s had to deal with a lot.  He says he’s willing to wait until she’s ready.  Kate thanks him for being there for her. She was afraid he wouldn’t be after the truth about Connie came out.  Sonny says Connie failed and the two make love. 

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Blair wants to talk, but Todd goes first. He says their support means a lot to Starr.  Blair says it was like old times.  Todd says it doesn’t have to be. They belong together and should get back together.  Blair claims they aren’t those people anymore and to stop talking, so Todd kisses her.  She tells him he shouldn’t have, but he says it’s like old times. She’s the only right thing he’s done in his life.  Todd says he loves her and asks her to marry him.  Blair says she can’t marry him, because she’s marrying Tomas. 

Carly comments on how Starr seemed happy with Michael. Johnny asks if she’s okay with them dating.  Carly thinks they’re perfect for each other and that Starr is a remarkable woman.  Carly congratulates Johnny on finally getting out from Anthony’s shadow and having a legitimate business.  Johnny thanks her for making the difference.  The two make love in his office.  Afterwards, she goes home to Josslyn while Johnny stays behind.

Kate has the memory of Johnny at the PCPD and remembers it all.  She shows up at Johnny’s, claiming to be Connie. 

Luke finally decides to take action. He finds matches and a candle, which he eventually manages to light, but the candle falls to the ground and sets some papers on fire. 

Anna wonders if Luke is buried where Anthony was.  Heather complains that Anna will now know the letters were a fake. Olivia decides to call Dante and let him know that Heather is in Anna’s room.  Dante tells her to get away from Heather.  Anna realizes Luke is in the shack.  Dante tells her that Heather is at the Metro Court. 

Olivia claims she owes Heather an apology, because she didn’t hire a forger and wants to call a truce.  Heather stops her at the door, with a syringe full of LSD.