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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Will Dr. Tim Seal Phyllis' Fate?

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Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight tries once again to persuade his lady love to stop her wedding plans with Old Smilin' Jack. Nikki doesn't budge. Naturally Victor decides revenge is the key to get what he wants.

Billy/Phyllis/Nick: The Abbott playboy is feeling the heat from his reality TV show producers about Big Red's hit-and-run. It seems the show wants to put their deal on hold until the case dies down. However, Billy tells them he will give Phyllis the boot and will grant access to the story. Nick finds out what his brother-in-law has done and let's just say he is not thrilled to discover Billy ran the story. The two get into a heated argument resulting in Nick throwing a punch at Billy. Phyllis wants her story to be heard and comes up with an oh so brilliant plan to write her own. Nick and Avery both think she should lay low, but she decides to go ahead anyways. Will Phyllis' article do more harm than good kids? Meanwhile, Dr. Tim hits town and it doesn't look to good for Phyllis.

Jack/Ashley: Jackie wants to snatch Jabot from his littler sister's hands. Ash comes to a conclusion about her future.

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