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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna realizes that Luke is in the shack and heads there. Dante heads to the hotel to find Heather.

Heather tells Olivia that the syringe is full of LSD and the two fight over it. Dante gets there, but not before Heather sticks the syringe in Olivia’s leg. Dante grabs his mother, while Heather runs out.

Johnny wonders if it’s Kate or Connie before him.  She assures him she’s Connie and that she isn’t gone because there’s one secret that Kate hasn’t remembered yet. Connie says she wants to protect both herself, as the alter, and Johnny from a murder charge. She says Kate has a lot of guilt over what happened. She’s sure Johnny must be eaten by it as well and needs someone to talk to. Johnny admits to Connie that he was responsible for the accident and that he feels guilty over it.

Johnny swears he’s doing the best he can to make it up to Starr. Connie warns him not to grow a conscience and tell the truth, since it will be the end for both of them. Johnny says he won’t confess because he’s starting over. He doesn’t want to lose what he has now. Connie says she’s going to stay low, since everyone is watching Kate. No one will know they’ve had this talk. The camera pans to the light where Heather has hidden her camera.

Starr and Michael return to the club to find her rose. They make small talk about their parents and her feelings about Kate. She thanks Michael for helping her through all of this and they kiss. Starr thinks she should also thank Johnny for getting her back on track with her singing. The two head to the office, but hear voices and decide not to interrupt Johnny.

Todd is shocked that Blair is going to marry Tomas. He refuses to believe it,  until she takes the ring out of her purse and puts it on. Todd tells her that she loves him and to look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn’t, something Blair confesses she can’t’ do.

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Blair admits she loves Todd, but can’t be with him because there’s always something that breaks them up and she can’t let him in again.

Todd says he thought they’d be together the last time, but McBain messed it up for them. Todd tells her she can’t marry another man if she’s in love with him. Blair says it’s the only choice she can make.

Lulu accuses Patrick of lying to her. Maxie and says he’s still using. Patrick swears he doesn’t have a problem. However, when Maxie calls Lulu, he begs her not to tell Maxie the truth. Lulu says that Patrick is fine. Patrick says Lulu is blowing things out of proportion, but she says she isn’t letting it drop.

Patrick swears he’s fine and that he’s not an addict. Lulu says she’ll throw the pills in the harbor, but Patrick stops her and admits he needs them. Patrick says he tried, but the pain was too much. The pills make it manageable. He says he thinks about Robin all the time. He sees her and he kissed her. Lulu points out that it was her that he kissed. She says the pills are taking him out of his life with Emma. Patrick says if he stops taking them, the pain will come back and he’ll lose Robin again.

Lulu tells him not to throw his life away, that Emma needs her father and that he needs help. Patrick says he isn’t strong enough. The only thing he needs is Robin and she’s gone.

Steven complains to Epiphany that Olivia is out to get his mother, even though she was cleared of Anthony’s murder. Dante shows up with Olivia, saying that she’s been shot up with something by Heather. Olivia’s screaming to make it stop and yells at Steve to stay away from her and that she won’t let him hurt her. Olivia grabs a scalpel and holds it to her own neck.

Olivia screams at Steve that he let a monster out and she warned him, but he wouldn’t listen. Steve swears he loves her and that he’ll send the monster back. He’s sorry he didn’t believe her, but he believes her now. Olivia gets taken away.

Steve tells Dante that they’ll have the syringe tested, but Dante is sure that it’s full of LSD, Heather’s drug of choice. Dante’s angry with Steve, because Olivia repeatedly told him something was wrong with Heather and Steve never listened. He wants Steve to make sure he saves Olivia.

Anna gets to the cabin and finds it on fire. She goes in to help Luke, but Heather shows up and knocks her out. Heather tells Luke that they’ll leave Anna there to die. Anna comes to and beats up Heather, and then handcuffs her. Anna unties Luke and gets him out of the cabin. Before police have a chance to grab Heather, she comes out with Anna’s gun. She says if she can’t have Luke, no one can and fires a shot.