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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Heather fires the gun at Anna, but Luke jumps in the way and gets shot saving her.  Heather screams that it’s all Anna’s fault. It was supposed to be her.  Anna tackles Heather and takes her gun. Heather is taken to the PCPD, while Luke is taken to the hospital. 

Carly finds Todd trashing his hotel room. He explains that things did not go well with Blair because she’s already engaged to Tomas.  Carly is surprised to hear that Todd proposed, but thought they looked happy at the party.  Todd says Blair’s worried he’ll do something after she’s given her heart back to him. 

Blair shows up at Starr’s apartment to congratulate her again on the party and to let her know she’s leaving tonight because things didn’t end well with Todd. She shows Starr her ring and Starr wonders what her father’s reaction was.  Blair admits she sent Todd mixed signals and he read more into it.  Starr’s worried about her father.  Blair says she loves him, but can’t trust him.  Blair asks Starr to take care of her father. 

Maxie’s waiting for Patrick when Mac shows up with Emma, who had a nightmare at their sleepover and wanted her father.  After putting her to bed, he questions where Patrick is. He wonders what Maxie’s doing with her life. Maxie says she needed to move in to help, since her husband is in jail and she likely no longer has a job.  Maxie says she likes taking care of Emma but Mac thinks she just doesn’t want to face her own future.  After Mac leaves, Emma wakes up, looking for Patrick. 

Patrick tells Lulu that he needs to get back to Emma, but she says he can’t run away from this problem and that he needs to detox.  She says she’s taking him to GH, but Patrick says she can’t, because he stole some drug samples. If Monica finds out, he’ll likely be fired and might lose his license.  Lulu says things will get worse. He might hurt a patient and promises to stay with him. 

Steve figures he needs to find his mother before she does something else. Dante tells him that Heather kidnapped Luke, held him captive and she killed Maggie to protect him.   Dante says they have enough to charge Heather with murder and attempted murder. 

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Luke is brought in. Steve asks if his mother is responsible.  Anna angrily tells him that his mother was aiming at her.  Lulu and Patrick arrive at the hospital and Lulu is shocked when Dante tells her that Luke has been shot. 

Anna and Lulu watch as Steve and his team work to save Luke.  Anna explains that Heather was aiming at her and Luke saved her. She wonders why he would jump in front of a bullet.  Luke starts to code. Steve starts CPR as Lulu cries, scared for her father. 

Heather wants to go to the hospital to check on Luke, but Delores is not interested.  Delores runs down the list of crimes. Anna has her dead to rights and even Steve won’t be happy with this.  Heather asks for her phone and calls Todd, who ignores the call. She leaves him a message warning him to help her. 

Todd explains that the call was from Heather. Carly explains what Heather did to Olivia.  She thinks he can prove Blair wrong and can turn things around.  Carly tells him to lose Heather’s number and not to let her drag him down.  After she leaves, Todd listens to his message from Heather. 

Dante tells Patrick that Olivia is in ICU. He asks if the drug will cause permanent damage.  Patrick says it’s not his area of expertise.  Dante says he trusts Patrick and wants him to check in and help any way that he can.  Patrick says he can’t and tells Dante to call Ewen.

Steve says Luke is stable and going to surgery.  Anna gets the call that Heather is in custody and heads out to confront her.  Steve apologizes to Dante for what his mother has done.  Dante tells Lulu about Olivia. She’s sorry they were fighting and wants everyone to be safe. 

Patrick gets home and Maxie tells him Emma wanted him.  He assures her that everything will be ok. 

Anna gets to the PCPD and tells Heather that Luke is alive and that this is the end of the line for her.  Heather says she knows something that will interest Anna and tells her that Robin is alive.