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Jeanne Cooper on What Bill Bell Would Think of Y&R Today: "He’s Probably Like, 'What Show Am I Watching?”

The only star to have appeared on The Young and the Restless since its premiere season, back in 1973, has spoken out on the current state of the sudser. In an interview with Soap Uncensored, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) had the following to say when asked  what she thought the late Bill Bell would make of the current incarnation of Y&R:


Soap Uncensored: What do you think Bill Bell would think of Y&R today?

Jeanne Cooper: [Laughs hilariously]

SU: [Laughs] Be honest!

JC: [Laughs] Let’s just put it this way, he’s the one changing the climate of the world right now with all these tornadoes and storms! Yes, Bill Bell has contacted us through the weather recently!

SU: [Laughs] That’s funny!

JC: That’s how powerful Bill was when he was here, and that’s how powerful he is wherever he is now! [Laughs] He’s pissing all over New York these days [which has been suffering harsh weather conditions recently]! He’s probably like, “What show am I watching?!”

Canada has been one of our most faithful watchers, so when you guys become confused and frustrated over the creative state of the show, then I know we have a problem! I think everyone in Canada is confused about Y&R these days. Because Canadians are so honest, a vast majority of loyal viewers write in and they don’t hold back. Canadians will write, “What the hell are you doing?!” [Laughs] See, Bill Bell paid attention to the viewers.

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Okay that settles it. If Cooper is spelling tea like this, I am am ordering my copy of her memoir, Not Young, Still Restless, right NOW!