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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Crazy"


This week’s Pretty Little Liars involved an unexpected romance, character’s blatantly (and recklessly) breaking the law, and a lot of new mysteries. 

Maya’s cousin Nate proclaimed to be smitten with Jenna.  He told Emily (Shay Mitchell) he’d actually perfer her, but “she’s” gay. He wanted her to help him pick something nice out for Jenna as a present.  Emily’s uncomfortable because Jenna’s super shady, but she doesn’t know how to tell him.  Emily tried though, and revealed Jenna’s ex is Garrett.  This only made Nate like Jenna more, however, since now he felt he had to protect her from Big Bad Garrett. 

Earlier the girls had met Alison’s older friend Cece, a dead-ringer for their dead BFF.  She pulled “An Alison” and blocked-dialed Jenna, screaming that she’d claw her eyes out if she went anywhere near “her boyfriend” Nate.  Emily was aghast, especially since Jenna used to be blind.  Cece shrugged it off, but neither called Jenna back to say it was a prank.  Later, Jenna stood Nate up. 

What did you guys think of Cece?  She seemed to know all about the girls’ past, even though they didn’t know about her.  Do you think she’s the one who taught Ali everything she knew, or the other way around?  How do you think Jason will react to having his ex back in town?  Also, Jason dated the carbon copy of his sister?  There’s always incest vibes with Jason!  I hope that’s the reason they broke up… 


A was hardcore stalking Hanna (Ashley Benson), who feared she was being set up for Alison’s murder, when that creeper Wilden said the Rosewood PD needed her blood sample to test against the new evidence.  A was also inside her house, and left the token Hanna had put in Alison’s grave, the mover from a Ouija board. 

Shortly before Alison’s body was found, Mona and Hanna had played a game, where Hanna thought she’d seen Alison and that the game was telling her she was alive.  She passed the message on to her parents, and then three days later they found her body. The DiLaurentis’ have never forgiven her.  Hanna also recalled Mona had made a secret code up at around the same time, so they could talk in front of people without them knowing. 


The girls wanted answers, so Aria (Lucy Hale) agreed to visit Mona, since Hanna was no longer welcomed.  Mona is her usually half-crazy/half-insightful self, but doesn’t tell her anything useful.  A pissed Hanna broke into the asylum, to have another crack at it, and Aria followed.  Mona gave them the slip, but they found her in the former abandoned 1930s children section (Um…?), playing creepily with China Dolls.  They have to sneak out, when they hear nurses coming, and think it’s another bust.  Later, Hanna woke up and realized Mona had actually given them a code. 

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Hanna told the other girls, and they figured the message out.  It took them to Maya’s secret, password-protected webpage.  Could there be clues to her killer on there?  What other messages could Mona have secretly passed on without the girls realizing? 


Toby was pissed at Spencer (Troian Bellisario) for lying to him and being so distracted, he felt like he was being avoided.  Spencer came a litttle clean, and confessed that it was her and Jason that found the evidence which led to Garrett’s release, but that they still think he’s guilty.  Since Toby used to be suspect #1, he wasn’t so quick to judge, which upset Spencer.

Things only got worse, when Spencer was late for their date… because she was committing a felony.  She saw a drunk Jason get into a car accident.  He’d been having a tough time with Garrett supposedly getting away with murdering his sister, and his grumpy father who raised him back in town.  She pulled up behind him, got out of her car, left the door wide open, got into his car, pushed him to the passenger side, and drove off.  Uh—How is Spencer the smart one, again?!

She met Toby at her house, and asked for a ride to her car.  He wanted to know why she blew him off, and she said Jason needed a ride.  Three seconds later Wilden and a bunch of cops come home, and start questioning her about her abandoned car, and leaving the scene of an accident.  Toby helped cover for her, and said her car must have been stolen without them knowing, since she never locks the doors.  Wilden left, but he didn’t believe them. 


So, a lot happened tonight, but Ella’s (Holly Marie Combs) plot might have been my favorite.  Yes, Aria’s mom had a bona fide storyline!  She had a sexy new dress, and a blind date with a guy she met from the dating site.  They agreed to meet at the coffee shop were Emily works.  Ella got their early, had hit it off with Em’s hot, young boss and owner of the shop.  Her date turned out to be Pastor Ted, who may not be into as Ashley as previously thought.  He was perfectly nice, and Ella liked him, but he ate ice cream like her ex-husband, and she realized she needed to go against her type.  She went back to the coffee shop, and flirted more with the smitten barista. 

I’m liking these two together!  Maybe she does need someone younger.  I always thought Ella and Ezra had a nice spark together, and could have made a nice pair, if it wasn’t for her daughter Aria being his OTP.  Plus, this storyline gave us two of the funniest moments.  Before her date, Ella asked Aria for fashion advice, until she had this revelation, “Wait, why am I asking you?  You wear forks as earrings.”  Ha!  Loved this “meta” moment.  And later when mother and daughter touched base again, and she found out Ella was on a second date that night, she joked her mom was a slut.  You had to be there, it was cute!

Photo Credit:  ABC Family