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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke wakes up to find Lulu at his bedside. He asks about Anna. Lulu reassures him that Anna’s fine and dealing with Heather.  Lulu apologizes for not realizing something was off, especially when she found Heather at the Star.  She tells Luke that she believed the forged note. She thought he was a coward and doubted her own marriage.  Luke tells her that Heather knows how to manipulate and not to concern herself. 

Anna stops by to see Luke, relieved that he’ll be alright.  She tells him that he saved her life, but Luke points out that she saved his first, which means they are responsible for each other’s lives.  Luke says he needs to tell her something about how Robert left.  Anna interrupts, asking what if Robin didn’t die?  Anna tells him what Heather told her, but Luke feels it’s just Heather being cruel. She’s trying to make Anna crazy and he doesn’t want Heather to win.  Anna finally agrees that he’s right. 

The nurse brings real Robin her meal and finds the bed empty.  Robin hits her and runs out.   The orderly grabs her and returns her to her room, kicking, screaming and ties her to the bed.  Robin pleads for Patrick and her parents to come find her. 

Lulu asks a nurse about Olivia and Patrick’s status, but the nurse tells her that Patrick didn’t check himself into the hospital. 

Patrick answers his door to find Ghost Robin, who tells him that he needs to get rid of the drugs.  Patrick says he doesn’t know what he’s doing without her, that everywhere he looks is empty.  Robin tells him that he doesn’t need the pills and it will hurt Emma. Patrick says no one understands what he’s going through; the pills make him stop feeling and she has to help him.  Suddenly Ghost Robin says that Patrick needs to help her. 

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Patrick asks how he can help her, but Ghost Robin goes back to talking about hurting Emma with the pills and that he doesn’t need to take them because he feels her everywhere.  Patrick says it’s not enough for him and Robin spits out that she’s alive. This makes Patrick happy and claims she’s not in his head. Lulu shows up and Ghost Robin disappears.  Patrick looks for her, but Lulu says Robin isn’t there that he’s seeing what he wants.  Lulu wants him to check himself into the hospital and get treatment. It’s what Robin would want and to listen to her.   

Heather’s happy to see Steve at the PCPD, thinking that he’s there to help her. However, Steve says he’s not there to help her get out, but to make sure she’s stays locked up forever.  Heather is shocked, but Steve points out that Olivia might not recover and that he wanted to believe Heather.  Steve says she’s certifiable, which makes Heather angry.  Steve calls her a murderer and tells her that he knows she killed Maggie.  Heather swears she did it for him; otherwise he’d be in prison.  Steve tells her that he’s revoking his guardianship because she should never have gotten out in the first place.   

Todd ignores Heather’s call, but locks the DNA letter up in his safe.  Starr shows up, concerned about him because she cares.  Todd assures her that he’ll bounce back, but Starr’s worried he’ll retaliate.    Todd blames McBain, saying Blair would have forgiven him and feels John needs to be eliminated, something Starr tries vehemently to discourage.  Starr tells him to find another woman. 

A pensive Johnny tells Carly that he’s thinking about Kate and explains about her visit with Sonny and how she wanted to remember his visit to the PCPD.  Johnny tells Carly that Connie kissed him, but he broke it off and wanted Carly to know the whole truth. 

Michael arrives and mentions Carly being out late, because he and Starr overheard her and Johnny in the office. Carly denies that and figures he was likely distracted by Starr.  Michael explains that he’s meeting Sonny for breakfast to tell him about Starr.  Starr shows up and mentions she’s worried about her father, which piques Carly’s interest. 

Sonny and Kate wake up together all lovey-dovey.  He asks her to join him and Michael for brunch.   At the restaurant, Michael’s surprised that Sonny brought Kate. Sonny’s surprised at Starr’s presence.  Kate offers to leave, but Starr won’t let her.  Sonny’s curious about this meeting. Michael tells him that he and Starr are dating.  Sonny’s a little concerned, but Michael says Starr has apologized for what she did. Starr hopes Sonny will get past it. Kate says Starr has been gracious towards her, but hopes someday to remember what she did.  Michael wants them all to put the past behind them. 

Todd has the picture of John and Sam kissing on the docks and decides to mail it to Natalie.  Carly arrives and reminds Todd that he promised not to go after Johnny. She says that right now he has one friend in her, but won’t have that if he does something.  After she’s gone, Todd watches the video of Johnny’s office and sees Connie’s visit. 

Luke calls Tracy, saying they need to talk.  Lulu leads Patrick out of the house and he turns to see Robin, but closes the door to her. The nurse hooks real Robin up to an ECG machine to shock her.  Anna goes back to the PCPD and orders Heather to tell her about Robin.