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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin demands to know who’s doing this to her, but Nurse Ratchet isn’t helpful. Robin then points out that the electroshocks could cause brain damage. She then gets angry and claims her mother will kill with her bare hands. The nurse is aware of who Anna is. She says they’re ready for her. Robin warns the nurse to turn the machine up high because if she doesn’t die, she’ll come after the nurse herself.

Anna warns Heather to tell her the truth about Robin. Heather snarks that Anna wasn’t interested in what she had to say yesterday. Heather wonders if Anna was been lying awake at night wondering. Heather thinks maybe Patrick would like to hear what she has to say. Anna warns her to stay away from him. Heather says she can stop the mourning and reunite their family.

Todd’s watching silent footage of ConJohn when Kate walks in, asking Todd to give her the magazine back. However, he wants to talk about her and Johnny, something Kate isn’t interested in. Kate says she’s co-owner and can have Todd evicted. He says Carly signed off on all the changes, so Kate brings up Sonny. Todd’s annoyed that she’d threaten him and wonders if it’s Connie talking.

Kate assures him that Connie is gone. Todd says her disease is the only reason she’s alive. Kate figures that’s why he’s killing her magazine. She gets a call that Olivia’s at the hospital and heads out. Todd decides to listen to the audio of Connie and Johnny’s visit. He is shocked to hear the truth that Johnny caused the accident.

Ghost Anthony appears to Johnny, telling him that a guilty conscience will take him down and that Starr will find out the truth. Johnny’s sure that Connie won’t talk. However, Anthony says she’s sloppy and will do something that Johnny won’t be able to cover up. Anthony tells him to tell Starr the truth, kill Connie or run. Johnny says he’s not leaving since things are good now. Anthony warns him to cut his losses. Johnny angrily throws his glass at Anthony, which hits the wall and unhinges the hidden camera.

Ewen tells Dante that he’s keeping Olivia in a coma until the drugs run their course. Dante finds it difficult to see his mother this way. Ewen says Olivia will be confused and scared when she wakes up and to reassure her.

Steve lets Liz in on the details and is worried about Olivia. Liz assures him that Ewen will pull her through this and says his mother is a monster. Steve renounces Heather as his mother and says she just used him. Steve wonders why he was so willing to trust Heather.

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Lulu and Patrick get to the hospital, but he’s worried his reputation will be shot if the truth comes out. Lulu says he’ll lose Emma and the drugs won’t bring Robin back and he needs to do this. Lulu heads out to find Ewen after Patrick promises to stay put.

Ewen runs into Liz and says that he misses her and doesn’t know why they backed off. He questions if she prefers someone else, but that he’s still interested and to call him.

Lulu brings Ewen to Patrick. He knows about the substance abuse and missing Robin. Patrick says he’s having visions of her and that they felt real. He admits he hasn’t made a decision to stop taking the drugs. Ewen is glad for his honesty. Ewen says Patrick needs to move forward and he’ll admit him discreetly. He explains the withdrawal symptoms will get ugly, but that he’ll be there to help. Patrick assures him that he was sober during his brain surgery.

Steven’s angry that Heather manipulated him. Dante says she should never have been released and that Steve needs to help Olivia pull through this. Lulu checks in and Dante gives her a progress report. He’s worried that his mother is lost forever. Kate arrives and asks what she can do. She offers to get him some food. Dante asks her to sit with Olivia.

Kate tells Steven a story of her childhood with Olivia and assures him that she’ll make it. She asks Lulu and Dante to all hold hands while she says a Hail Mary.

Johnny wonders who planted the camera. Anthony asks how long it’s been there and how much they have seen. Johnny remembers talking to Connie and figures someone can put him away. An angry Todd shows up at Johnny’s door.

Heather says she’ll talk in exchange for full immunity, all charges dropped and a public apology so she can repair her relationship with Steven. Anna doesn’t agree, so Heather says she won’t talk. Anna pulls out her gun.

Heather says she saw Robin before she was released. She heard a new patient was coming and nosing around and saw her. Anna thinks she’s mistaken. It was someone who looked like Robin, but Heather says she saw Robin’s face. She heard someone talking to the nurse, but didn’t see his face and heard the nurse refer to him as Doctor.

Nurse Ratchet calls someone and tells them that Robin took the full dose. The door closed. The sign on it reads Ferncliff Critical Care Unit. Later on, she tells the doctor that Robin didn’t respond well. The doctor examines Robin and turns out to be Ewen.