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Katie Couric at TCA: "Soap Operas Have a Huge Following"

Katie Couric continues to try and make peace with soap opera fans, disgruntled that her new syndicated talker, Katie, is taking General Hospital's  current timeslot on ABC-owned and operated stations (GH is moving into the slot currently held by Good Afternoon America in September).  At the TCA panel for her upcoming show, Couric had this to say about the suds (as reported by the LA Times):


"Soap operas have a huge following," she said. "I think that they fill a need for a lot of people," adding that she thinks that can "peacefully coexist" with other daytime shows.

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Considering Couric was reportedly vocal about preferring GH be her show's lead-in, as opposed to The Revolution, I am more than willing to cut her and Katie some slack. I also hear Time Square Studios (which oversees both ABC Daytime and Katie) is throwing some cash GH's way in order for the soap to put together a big, splashy story the week of Katie's debute. Here's hoping this new lineup can be a win-win for both shows! 

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