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More Self-Adoration From Exiting The Young and the Restless Showrunner Maria Arena Bell on Facebook

Soap Opera Digest has posted more lyrics from fired The Young and the Restless showrunner Maria Arena Bell's Facebook swan song. In it, she continues on about how much everyone loved her and how devastated they all are.


Funny, the Y&R cast has been pretty much radio silent on Twitter. Love her or hate her, but when Ri Ri's Y&R replacement, Jill Farren Phelps, was shown the door at General Hospital, much of the cast tweeted support — in their own words. As it is though, La Bell is only too happy to share how beloved she was, whether anyone else is saying it or not! Stated Bell:

"When I said my farewell today to the company of The Young and The Restless I stood between Eric Braeden [Victor], Peter Bergman [Jack], Melody Thomas Scott [Nikki] and addressed everyone. Then, spontaneously, each of them said something that was profoundly moving to me about how much they appreciated me, my work, my storytelling, my vision. The moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life was looking out at a se...a of faces, many of them in tears. And then Eric Braeden who was choking back tears himself to the point he could barely speak said that my leaving was a travesty that made no sense and that "This is the end of an era." In that moment I could feel my heart break a little... but I also felt that the commitment I had to that show... the seven day a week fifty two week a year craziness of it all was worth it... because I was part of the history of something truly great."

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Sigh. Oh Maria, let's move on. I'm sure there's a fundraiser for the speckled Geese population of Pacific Palisades for you to plan. Let's leave the soap opera producing and writing to the professionals, shall we?