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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ewen’s upset that the Robin is nearly comatose when all he wanted was to calm her down and stop her from trying to escape. He tells Robin that he had no choice, because she can’t leave. He says her family and friends have accepted her death and that she’s going to a special clinic in Switzerland. He puts the pamphlet beside her, but it falls on the floor.

Liz is surprised when Patrick tells her he’s checking himself in because he has a drug problem and has been self medicating. He admits that Robin is dead and he’s an addict. He explains how Maxie found the pill and that Lulu stepped in. He says Ewen is helping him and that Ewen’s a good guy who cares about Liz. He thinks she should give him a second chance.

Patrick explains how Ewen asked about Jason and that he doesn’t understand her soft spot for him. Liz says her feelings for Jason are complicated. Patrick tells her not to waste time pining for Jason when Ewen is such a good guy and is available.

Jason runs into Carly at the Metro Court where he’s meeting Diane. Carly thinks it’s for a divorce and that Sam is still grieving. Jason explains about all the kissing with Liz and Sam with John. Carly tells him to find Sam and start over and that Sam blames herself. Jason says love isn’t enough.

Todd accuses Johnny of a guilty conscience. Johnny realizes he’s the one that planted the camera. Todd says he heard Johnny admit to causing the accident, but Johnny says Connie is responsible. Todd gets angry and grabs Johnny. He starts to choke him, until Johnny punches him in the gut and grabs his baseball bat.

Johnny says it was an accident and that he didn’t mean to kill anyone that night. He asks if there isn’t something that Todd regrets. Johnny says he’s trying to make it up to Starr. Todd wonders what Carly would say if she knew the truth?

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Anna shows up at Ferncliff and is stopped by Nurse Rachet. She shows her a picture of Robin. Nurse says she has to maintain confidentiality and wonders why Anna thinks Robin is there. Anna tells her about Heather. The nurse says she can’t trust what Heather says. Anna angrily yells that they should not have let Heather out and Ewen and Robin both hear. Robin mutters “Mom”. Ewen makes the nurse a sign to get rid of Anna. Nurse takes Anna to all the rooms to show her that Robin isn’t there, including the one Robin was in, which is now empty, except for the pamphlet on the floor.

Spinelli finds Sam snooping through Todd’s office. He tells her she can quit now and get her life back, but Sam wants to know what Heather and Todd have going on and thinks it’s about her. Spin wonders why she thinks that and claims she’s just trying to distract herself. Sam says she isn’t giving up trying to figure out Todd. Spin accuses her of giving up on her marriage.

Sam says Jason gave up first. Spin accuses her of kissing McBain to get back at Jason, but that they’re both in deep grief and need to reach out. Sam says she can’t wave a magic wand and goes back to wondering what Todd is up to. She decides she wants to crack open the safe so Spin heads out and leaves her to it alone.

Tracy stops by to see Luke and says she hates him because he lied to her and wants an honest answer. Luke admits he was going to break up with her to be with Anna. He apologizes for hurting her. He asks for her forgiveness. Tracy complains that he divorced her and didn’t help her with Anthony until the end. Luke says the thing with Anna is recent and wants to continue with it.

Tracy says they match each other, that she understands him and knows they aren’t over because they never will be. She wants to be there when he realizes Anna can’t make him happy and he comes crawling back to her.

Anna runs into Patrick and Liz, but neither tells her why Patrick is really at the hospital. She’s glad they’re talking about Robin, then heads off to see Luke. Patrick thanks Liz for not saying anything to Anna.

Ewen’s wheeling Robin out of Ferncliff, talking about how wonderful Switzerland will be, when Liz calls him and says she’d like to try again.

Anna explains to Luke about going to Ferncliff and not finding Robin, but finding the pamphlet on the floor. Luke warns her that Heather was simply torturing. However, but Anna feels she has to go to Switzerland, if there is the remotest chance that Robin is alive.

Todd calls Carly, but just as she answers Johnny tells him to hang up the phone because if he tells Carly what Johnny did to Starr’s child he will tell Sam what Todd did to hers.