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B&B’s Ronn Moss and Wife Devin Devasquez in Car Accident

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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ronn Moss was in a multi-car accident on Friday July 27, according to his wife Devin Devasquez. Devasquez posted the news on Facebook.

Ronn and I were in a horrible car accident yesterday that involved 8 cars and totaled our brand new truck. An old guy came out of no where and hit two cars before hitting us that caused us to spin a 360 and hit several other cars including a lamp post that fell on top of the truck. It was quite a scene and poor Ronn had a bad bump on his head that was bleeding along with a shoulder injury. I'm pretty sore and bruised. But we are so blessed to be alive and grateful no one else was hurt. Shows you how precious life is and how quickly something like this can change it.

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