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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Sharon Get Hitched!

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Victor/Sharon: Kids, these two cray-crays tie the knot! When the good denizens of Genoa City find out about their marriage, don't look for it to goover so smoothly.

Jack/Nikki/Victor/Sharon: Mr. Mumbles and OId Smilin' have a heated show down over Beauty of Nature and Nikki. Victor can't handle the fact that Nikki has moved on with his mortal enemy and stuns all by crashing Jack and Nikki's wedding with Sharon in tow! Later, Sharon flips at the wedding when she spies something she doesn't seem to like. Down the road, Victor pulls a disappearing act by leaving town, which has huge ramifications for Nikki, his children and Sharon.

Billy: The Abbott playboy is close to uncovering a secret Phyllis is trying to keep buried.

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