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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny tells Todd that he knows what Todd did with Sam’s baby. He knows everything so Todd hangs up on Carly.  Johnny wonders how Todd can even look Sam in the eye, considering he gave away her healthy baby. 

Johnny explains that when Anthony’s body went missing, he sent out his men. They saw Heather with it, followed her out to the woods and saw everything that happened that night and reported it to him.  Todd doesn’t think Johnny will be able to convince anyone of this story, but Johnny figures the only one he needs to convince is Sam.  He figures she’d go to Llanview with a DNA test for Tea’s baby.

Todd questions why Johnny would wait so long to use this against him. Johnny says he didn’t want to draw attention to the woods and was trying to get a read on Todd.  He claims they aren’t that different. They act on emotion and then try to make it up afterwards.  He claims he was protecting Starr from the truth of what her father had done this time.

Jason wonders why Todd would be calling Carly. He isn’t happy when she says Todd’s a friend.  Jason points out Todd’s history of violence and is dangerous and to stay away.  Carly says it will hard to, considering their kids are dating. This is something else that doesn’t make Jason happy to learn. 

Carly says Starr makes Michael happy, but Jason thinks Michael feels guilty for not being able to save Starr’s family. If things go south, she’ll turn to Todd and Jason needs to protect Sonny.  Carly says Todd doesn’t want a fight with Sonny. He’s turning his life around, just like Johnny is.  Carly explains Todd being nice to Sam. Jason is surprised to hear that Sam took a job. He realizes she must be working a case.  Jason worries there will be trouble if Todd feels threatened.  Carly tells him to go to Sam and tell her his concerns. 

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Kate overhears Sonny telling Max to keep him up to date on Joe. However, he swears he wasn’t ordering her a hit, just keeping track.  He wishes he could deal with Joe himself but will leave it up to the courts.  Talk turns to Olivia and Sonny offers to pay her medical bills. Kate points out that the Falconeri are proud people. She mentions she’s out of a job, thanks to Todd.  Sonny offers to pay for another magazine. Kate doesn’t think she can do it especially since she’s still dealing with what she’s done. 

Sonny thinks she’s talking about the car accident, but she’s talking about leaving her baby to die.  She wonders what happened to the baby and if he’s out there somewhere.  She rationalizes that someone must have found him and given him a good home.  She says Ewen’s helping her live with the guilt.

Trey’s visiting Joe in prison.  Joe blames Sonny for taking his empire and his fortune away. He wants it back.  Trey thinks he can use the show to prove Sonny’s a criminal, but Joe doesn’t want him spying on Sonny.  Joe wants him to marry Kristina to get to Sonny. 

Sam’s still trying to break into Todd’s safe when Kristina shows up, looking for advice on how to get Trey interested in her.  She says Sonny thinks Trey’s being secretive and admits he has been acting weird and thinks it has something to do with his father.  Sam tells Kristina to quit the show, but she says it makes Trey happy.  Sam tells her that Trey needs to see how good a person Kris is. 

Michael and Starr shoot the breeze about their fathers. They talk about what Michael wants to do with his life now that he’s back in school and needing to declare a major.  He explains briefly working for Edward and wanting to work with Sonny. However, he doesn’t want to give up safety or love.

Sam’s back to safecracking when Jason shows up to see her. 

Carly’s showing up at Johnny’s office as Johnny threatens to expose Todd if he says anything about Johnny.  Todd says he wants Carly and Starr to know the truth of what Johnny did.