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General Hospital's Kelly Sullivan is a 'Tormented Soul'


Kelly Sullivan has been plagued with DID as Kate on General Hospital and it looks like the actress doesn’t escape more emotional torture in her upcoming film Tormented Souls. Sullivan plays Amy Wise, opposite of Bill Oberst Jr.’s Shadow Man and Meg Faster’s Momma McDonald, in the supernatural thriller.

According to IMDB,

Still traumatized, having witnessed her wealthy parents horrific murder suicide as a child, a romantic reconciliation weekend away for Amy Wise with her recently unfaithful boyfriend Robbie Ratcliffe was probably not the best time for her to decide to stop taking her medication.

Finding themselves lost on a dark forest highway the quarrelling couple are reluctantly forced to spend the night at a strange back road honeymooner's retreat run by the extremely religious Momma McDonald her dysfunctional offspring Caine and Mary-Anne.

Immediately Amy's suspicions that something is not quite right at the eerie getaway are simply dismissed by Robbie as paranoid delusions brought on by her reluctance to take her medication which forces Amy to face the fact that either the honeymoon lodge they are staying in is haunted, the creepy caretakers are secretly up to something sinister or worst of all...

That she is finally losing her mind.

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