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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam’s surprised to see Jason. She assures him she needed the job and a fresh start. He asks if it’s a cover and if she’s investigating Todd.  Jason warns her that Todd is dangerous and he doesn’t want her on Todd’s bad side.  Sam says she can take care of herself. She knows Todd’s past and that she’s getting to know him.  Jason wonders if Todd has explained his interest in her baby and that he was at the funeral. 

Sam mentions the newspaper article and admits she was hired to investigate Heather. She was interested in her connection to Todd.  Sam says she’s been trying to get into the safe so Jason offers to guard the door for her. 

Todd asks Johnny if he wants Carly to know what he’s done, which Carly hears. She angrily says that Todd promised not to go after Johnny.   Todd says he has something to confess, but then admits he planted the camera to dig up dirt on Johnny.  Carly asks what he saw. Todd admits to seeing CarJohn having sex.  Carly says he needs to apologize to Johnny. She doesn’t care that Todd and Johnny hate each other.  Johnny says he wants it to end. When Carly leaves the room to take a call, he tells Todd that they need to keep each other’s secrets in order not to lose the lives they have.

Todd agrees to the truce. When Carly returns, he apologizes for invading her privacy and promises to co-exist with Johnny.  After he’s gone, Carly is embarrassed that Todd saw them together and is glad it wasn’t something worst that Johnny had done.     

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Alexis crashes TJ and Molly’s dinner at the Metro Court. The mother and daughter argue about boundaries and chaperones.  Molly accuses her mother of thinking that she and TJ want to get a room, when all they want is to eat.  Alexis and Shawn agree to leave them to their meal and head over to Jake’s. 

TJ orders their food and impresses Molly, but he admits he looked it up online beforehand not to embarrass them.  Molly admits with both Sam and Kristina’s issues, she’s feeling left out and is happy that he did this dinner for her. 

Alexis says she isn’t uptight, something Shawn doesn’t believe, so she tells him about playing strip pool and when he doesn’t believe her, challenges him to a game.  He loses the first game, and his shirt, she loses the second and hers.  Ultimately, after most of the clothes come off, she wins, forcing Shawn to lose his boxers.  Alexis makes him admit that she’s not uptight and then remembers she was supposed to go back and pick up Molly and runs out. 

Trey is surprised that his father wants him to marry Kristina, but Joe says it’s the only way to get their empire back.  Trey doesn’t want to involve Kristina, but Joe says family is more important. He asks Trey to do this for him. 

Kristina shows up at the warehouse, looking for Trey. Sonny senses a problem.  Kris says she’s concerned about Jason and Sam.  Sonny says he understands Sam and how she’s turning her pain into anger and lashing out.  Kristina goes to leave, which upsets Sonny. She says she didn’t want another lecture about Trey.  Kris admits her father may have been right about Trey and explains how he doesn’t seem interested in her other than with the show. 

Sonny tells her that she needs to value herself and she might be doing the show for the wrong reasons.  Trey shows up, without the camera crew and says he’s been rethinking the show. 

Just as Sam cracks the safe, Todd arrives and finds Jason, who says he’s there to see Sam.  She comes out of Todd’s office and pretends to be angry to find Jason there.  Todd tells him to leave or he’ll call security and goes into his office.  Sam tells Jason that she almost got into the safe and thanks him for helping her.  Todd sees the picture covering the safe askew and opens it, looking for the DNA letter.