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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis returns to Jake’s, looking for her lost phone. She finds Mac, who’s the new bartender.  He grills her about her pool game with Shawn, having heard the juicy gossip from Coleman.  Alexis says it’s not what he thinks. She explains she’s just tired of people thinking she’s a prude.  Alexis asks about Mac and Felicia. He says they’re happily taking it slow.  He tells her to find happiness with Shawn and to lower her guard a little.  Alexis appreciates the advice and decides to take the leap and ask Shawn out. 

TJ catches Shawn remembering his pool game with Alexis. He thinks Shawn’s acting weird and complains about Alexis. However, Shawn says Alexis deserves his respect. TJ wonders what Alexis did to win him over. Shawn just says Alexis is allowing the kids to date and TJ should appreciate that. 

Liz drags Steve away from Olivia’s hospital bed to Kelly’s for some breakfast. She assures him that Olivia is in good hands and will be fine and that Ewen is a good doctor.  Steve asks if they’re back together. Liz says she’s giving Ewen a second chance since she took him for granted and sent him mixed signals.

Lulu overhears Ewen tell a sleeping Patrick that he’s sorry he had to take Robin away from him and questions that.  Ewen pulls her out of the room and angrily tells her not to barge in. He then apologizes, saying Patrick is going through withdrawals and no longer sees Robin.  He thanks her for bringing Patrick in to get help. 

Ewen assures Patrick that the cravings will subside, that detox will take at least 10 days but that they need to talk about Robin and that he’ll get through this.  Patrick wonders how he knows, so Ewen says he’s been through a loss as well and wasn’t sure he’d get over it.  Patrick offers to listen, but Ewen knows he’s just stalling and that they need to get to work. 

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Kristina demands to know why Trey is walking away from the show.  Trey says there was a problem with his father. Almost losing him made Trey realize that Kris could lose her own father since he encouraged them to fight and the show isn’t worth it.  Kristina says there is no reason to stay in town and he’s better off in LA for his career.  Trey says he wants to stay for her, he likes her and there’s nothing separating them now.  He wants to see where this goes and Kris agrees to it.  They kiss.  

Sonny pays Joe a visit to ask about his son but Joe denies having a child.  Sonny asks how Joe knew Kate was pregnant.  Joe says he spoke with the priest, who told him then heard that Connie took a room and went looking for her there.  Joe says Connie had left by the time he got there and that woman who ran the place had found the baby dead and buried it. 

Joe accuses Connie of killing his son and wonders how Sonny would feel if one of his kids were killed.  Sonny says if he thought Joe was doing anything but talking, he’d have him taken out. 

Dante’s surprised to see Lulu not at Luke’s bedside so she explains what happened with Patrick.  He’s glad she was able to help, but accuses her of keeping things from him and they need to discuss it.   Back at the apartment, he shows her the letter from Heather that Lulu thought came from her father.  Dante wants to know why Lulu lied and said it was a bill. 

Lulu says she was upset by the letter and Dante wonders if it’s because she thinks there’s truth to it.  Lulu admits she did wonder and Dante asks if forever is not for them. 

Alexis stops by to see Shawn and as she gets up the nerve to ask him out, another woman comes in and throws herself at him. 

Ewen gets a call and tells whoever that Robin has been sent to the Swiss clinic and her mother is none the wiser.  Liz shows up and finds Ewen on the phone.