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Soap Couple Games: Days of our Lives, Round 2 (Voting Closed)


The first round of Daytime Confidential’s 2012 Summer Soap Couple Games has ended. Ten couples were eliminated in Round 1 and 10 couples moved on to Round 2.  Only five couples from each soap will make it out of Round 2 and into Round 3.

Round 2: Voting takes place August 2 – Midnight August 5

The 10 couples with the most votes from Round 1 will compete for the five spots in Round 3.

Round 3: Voting takes place August 6 – Midnight August 8

The five couples with the most votes from Round 2 will compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal of their respective soap. After winning Round 3, these three top vote getters will enter Round 4.

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Round 4: All Around voting takes place August 9 – Midnight August 12

The Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners from each soap’s Round 3 will compete for the final All Around Soap Couple Summer Games medals. Only the three couples with the most votes at the end of Round 4 will take home the final three medals.

Who will be the last three couples standing? Let Round 2 begin!

Vote for the couple you want to win the 2012 Summer Soap Couple Games.