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Deadly Affairs Host Susan Lucci Dishes Playing Characters During Crime Reenactments

Don't expect to simply see All My Children superstar Susan Lucci introducing clips packages, while hosting Investigation Discovery's Deadly Affairs. The legend, who will always be known as the brazen Erica Kane, revealed at TCA she will be portraying characters during true crime reenactments on the reality series! Said Lucci:


“What I love about Deadly Affairs is the way they are producing the show,” said Deadly Affairs host Susan Lucci. “It has a different look than anything that I have seen. Admittedly, I haven’t seen everything of this genre, but I have watched many shows. While the dramatic reenactment is on location, I’m playing a character as well. It’s not myself. I’m playing a character, which frees things up. And I am also on location, which adds to the storytelling. And the locations and the costume changes and all of that always are organic to the storytelling.”

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Deadly Affairs debuts Sept. 8 at 10 pm EST on ID. Catch a 10-minute sneak peek Monday, Sept. 3 at 1 pm. EST.

Photo credit: ID