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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante wonders if Lulu feels like they have no future together, but Lulu feels she just had a crisis of conscience because they were fighting all the time.  She felt she was being a bad wife and that the PCPD just isn’t her. She says Heather’s letter pushed her buttons. Dante assures her that he wants to know her feelings and asks if he’s smothering her, which Lulu denies.  Lulu says she’s been measuring her life against a history she isn’t part of and thinks love equals adventure.  She says she cares about the club. Dante hopes that Johnny has changed. He admits he was jealous and wants to make it up to her.

Dante says he’ll support Lulu through all her plans and is willing to work on their marriage.  Lulu apologizes for not telling him about the deal with Johnny, the expensive dress and that they don’t mean anything if they aren’t together. Lulu admits that the word forever scares her. Dante wants her to take the leap of faith. He’ll feel the same about her in fifty years that he does now. 

Liz overhears part of Ewen’s phone conversation about working with someone, but he deflects that he’s treating a celebrity and needs to be discreet.  She asks about Patrick. Ewen explains the withdrawals, how unfair it is that Robin is gone and that Patrick needs to learn how to cope.  Ewen asks Liz to lunch and she accepts. 

Sam lets Alexis in on the reality show being done, but that Kristina has feelings for Trey. Sam isn’t sure he doesn’t have ulterior motives.  Sam mentions Kris’ concerns for her and Jason. Alexis says she was happy with Jason until he failed to give Sam support. She wonders where they stand.  Sam says there is a distance between them and explains what happened with John and Liz.  

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Sam’s upset because Jason and Liz shared a child and have a connection.  Alexis asks if she wants a divorce, but Sam hasn’t thought about that yet.  She’s trying to find a way to forgive Jason, but part of her still blames him and deep down can’t forgive.  Alexis tells her that she needs to let go, but Sam’s too confused to make a decision. Alexis jokingly tells Sam that she’ll represent her in the divorce for free. The two say I love you before Alexis leaves. 

Sonny lets Jason in on his visit with Joe and how Joe was making statements about the kids. Sonny wants to beef up security.  Jason asks if he wants a background check on Trey. However, Sonny says the show is over and that Kris mentioned being worried about JaSam.  Jason says Sam can’t get past what happened and he’s tried to reach out. 

Liz and Ewen show up and Liz introduces Ewen to Sonny and Jason. Sonny is confused, since he already knows Ewen.  Sonny wonders what’s going on, so Jason explains about kissing Liz and that he doesn’t want to hurt either Liz or Sam.   Sonny points out that Jason needs to make a decision and call it quits now for everyone’s sake.  Jason doesn’t want a divorce, but won’t fight it if it’s what Sam wants.  Sonny tells him to figure out what will cause the least damage. 

Liz is concentrating on Jason then apologizes for it.  Ewen understands that she still cares for Jason, even though they’re not together.  

Trey and Kristina kiss. He wants to continue in the bedroom, but instead she explains about Kiefer, his abuse and putting her in the hospital.  Kris says she hasn’t been serious with anyone since, but felt Trey had a right to know.  Trey swears he would never hurt her.  Kristina says she isn’t ready to sleep with him, because she needs time to feel safe with him. She says she will understand if he calls it all off. 

Trey reassures her that they’ll take it as slow as she needs to, which thrills Kristina.  After she leaves, he calls his father to say that he doesn’t want to use Kristina. However, he ultimately agrees to do what Joe wants him to.