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Nashville's Jonathan Jackson: "I Would Be Open to Doing More on General Hospital"

Jonathan Jackson may be gearing up for a turn in one of the fall's most buzzed about new series, but the multiple Daytime Emmy winner hasn't forgotten where he came from. In an interview with TVLine, the Nashville star says he's still open to returning to General Hospital.


TVLINE | Fans are certainly hoping Nashville does well, but there’s always some hope that you’ll return to General Hospital  Do you ever see yourself heading back to daytime? Or is that door closed?

You know, years ago when I was younger I probably would have made some decisions like that. Nowadays I’ve learned to not plan or strategize as much. Life happens, and you just never know. So for me, everything’s sort of open. I would be open to doing more on General Hospital. I love the people there and I love working with Anthony Geary and Rebecca Herbst and Steve [Burton] and Maurice [Benard] and everybody. GH has a huge part of my heart. Over the years when people leave daytime and they go to primetime or film or whatever, there’s always this sense of [not returning]… I don’t feel that way about it. General Hospital has an incredible group of actors, just amazing. I’ve learned so much working there, so I feel like I’ll always be open to doing that.

In Nashville, Jackson plays the role of Avery, a bad boy indie singer, opposite country pop starlet Juliette Barnes, played by fellow daytime alum Hayden Panettiere (One Life to Live, Guiding Light). Watch the Nashville trailer below!

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