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Soap Socialite Wants to Fly All My Children Alum Terri Ivens to Your Hometown!

Ever wanted a visit from your favorite soap star? Soap Socialitewants to make it happen! Until Sunday at midnight soap fans can purchase up to five lottery tickets for $10 to win a chance for All My Children alum Terri Ivens (ex-Simone) to visit their hometown!


“Bren and I have been listening to the fans via Twitter and Facebook, and the majority of them are upset that a lot of the fan events are costing too much money or that they’re too far away” says Soap Opera Socialite Productions producer Jason Spitzer. “We came up with a lot of great ideas and thought that DESTINATION DAYTIME could become a great series of events that would give a chance to the fans who don’t have the access to get to all the big events.”

Spitzer added, “With this lottery-style system, the fans can purchase 5 online lottery entries for $10. There’s no limit as to as many as they want to buy. Like any lottery, the more chances you have of playing, the greater your chance is of winning!” 

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There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, so the more times you enter, the greater chances you have of winning! For more information, go to or email any questions to Good luck!!!