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Where in The World is Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless?


Victor:  After a stormy confrontation with Nikki, the Newman patriarch vanishes!

Tucker/Sharon: The slonkey is very troubled by the encounter her new hubby and her ex-mother-in-law had. Sharon decides to pull a Nikki and get drunk at the ranch. Tucker arrives a bit later to meet with Victor and is stunned to see the new Mrs. Victor Newman three sheets to the wind.  Sharon is hellbent on finding her husband, but Tucker is not about to let her drive drunk. Sharon asks the rebel billionaire to take her to the Abbott wedding to find Victor. Once the duo show up, Sharon makes a huge scene by demanding Nikki tell her where Victor is.

Realizing Sharon is trashed, Nikki decides to sober her up by pushing her into the pool! Tucker is appalled by the confusion Sharon's attendance is causing and whisks her back to the ranch. The Newman children start to wonder what happened to their father. Is he pulling one of his famous disappearing acts?

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Victoria ponders if her dad is causing drama because Nikki married Jack. Later that night, Jack wakes up alone in bed and searches for his wife. Old Smilin' Jack overhears Nikki leaving a voicemail for Victor. The socialite feels terrible for lashing out at him and is worried about his whereabouts. Victor being missing-in-action leaves Newman Enterprises wide open for takeover. Watch for Tucker and Sharon to team up to gain control of the conglomerate.

Nikki: Her quest to find Victor starts to become an issue in her marriage.

Billy: The Abbott playboy makes it his mission to find out what is going on between Dr. Tim and Phyllis.

Daniel/Heather: The two take their relationship to the next level.

Phyllis: Red's cat and mouse game with Dr. Tim becomes very scary.

Neil/Harmony: The pair agree to go out on a date, which doesn't end well.

Eden: Is Michael's little sister losing it?