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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ewen’s waiting at Wyndemere to meet his cohort and in walks Jerry Jacks, alive and kicking! Ewen reports that Robin was transferred to the Swiss hospital and Anna knows nothing. Jerry thanks him for his hard work and how Ewen’s position at the hospital helped them pull off this caper. He also praises Ewen for providing them with the corpse they used in place of Robin after the explosion. Ewen mentions Maxie blaming herself when she didn't cause the explosion. Jerry wonders if it’s better to grieve someone who’s still alive rather than lose them for real.


Jerry marvels that Ewen is now treating Patrick and Ewen says Patrick needs to move on after his loss. Ewen declares that they’re done, but Jerry wants to go over everything and make sure there are no loose ends. Then he mentions Elizabeth. Ewen admits that he likes her, which is not what Jerry wants to hear. Jerry says love makes you sloppy and no one can know they’re working together. Ewen tells him to leave Liz out of it.

Lulu finds Maxie waiting for Patrick to get back from his group counselling session. Maxie is upset that Lulu didn’t tell her what Patrick was going through. Lulu says she got distracted by what was happening with Luke and Olivia. Maxie feels bad that she couldn’t help Patrick, or bring Robin back from the dead. She hopes detox works for him. Lulu mentions her marital issues with Dante, saying things are better now. Lulu admits part of the problem had been Johnny. Maxie says Dante is perfect for Lulu and that Johnny won’t make her happy. She mentions visiting Matt once a week in prison and how he’s happy she’s looking out for his family.

Starr pays Todd a visit to talk about Johnny, angry that her father would put a camera in his office.Todd says he’s trying to protect her, but Starr wants him to accept the limits she sets. After she leaves, Todd calls Johnny to complain that he told Starr about the camera. Johnny takes on Heather’s old mantra of keep your mouth shut, or I’ll tell the world what you did to Sam’s baby.

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John gets home to an empty house. He soon finds the photo of him and Sam kissing. Some messenger delivers a letter from Natalie saying goodbye and, "Hope it was worth it." John gets on the phone with Natalie and demands to know where she and Liam are. He yells some more until she hangs up. Then he finds the envelope that the picture was in, with a note from Todd.

Jason and Sam run into each other, and he asks about the safe. Sam says she’s planning on trying again later. Jason wants to discuss their marriage. Sam agrees, but when Liz walks in, Sam takes off.

Liz is sorry things are still tense between Jason and Sam. Jason changes the subject to Ewen. He says he doesn't want to mess things up for Liz. She admits she slowed things down with Ewen because of Jason, but they’ve only been on a couple of dates. Jason hopes he didn’t complicate things with the kiss. Liz says she doesn’t have a good track record with relationships, but wants that feeling again. She’s worried about bringing a man into her boys' lives. She also mentions her reservations about Ewen and the events on Spoon Island.

Dante stops by to apologize to Johnny. The cop says he respects Lulu and the club makes her happy. Johnny asks about Olivia’s condition and says he still cares for her. Dante questions why he would blackmail Olivia’s boyfriend, as Starr arrives and overhears. Starr immediately defends Johnny. Dante leaves, but not before mentioning Johnny still being a suspect in Anthony’s murder.

Starr wonders if Kate is Anthony’s killer.Dante points out that Kate was in custody that night. Johnny says his grandfather had plenty of enemies. Starr swears she would know if she was working with a killer.

When Sam gets back to the office, Todd asks her to get something from the safe. She says she doesn’t have the combination, but Todd assures her the door is already open. She finds a paper with the words “You’re Fired” on it. Todd says she broke into his safe and wants to know what she was looking for. Sam says she doesn’t know, but thinks it’s about her baby. She asks why he had the article about her baby. Todd realizes Heather was right —  Spin and Sam have been investigating him. Sam admits she was investigating Heather. Sam says she thinks Heather has something on Todd, and wants to know what that is.

Todd reminds her that he fired her and she can’t interrogate him. Sam asks why he hired her, or went to the baby’s memorial. "Why are you so obsessed with me?" she demands.

Todd says he was grieving the death of his granddaughter, and was guilty because she died while the family was travelling to get to his trial .He says Sam came to him for a job, that she was in crisis and that Sam took advantage of his compassionate nature. John walks in and declares that Todd will pay for what he did.

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