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Frank Valentini Talks 'Remodeling' General Hospital With New York Daily News

All eyes are on ABC Daytime's General Hospital. As the Mouse House's last daytime soap in production, the serial that gave us Luke and Laura is once again the talk of popular culture.


Only this time the conversation isn't about its iconic young lovers and their search for any Left-Handed Boys. The topic of discussion is, can this once insanely-popular sudser live past its 50th birthday next April? The New York Daily News has a new article up on GH's transformation, with quotes from actors Anthony Geary (Luke) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), as well as showrunner Frank Valentini. Here's what Valentini said about his efforts to save GH:

What he did, he said, was “not rebuilding, but maybe remodeling. The show was in terrific shape, but needed some tweaks. It’s much more my taste for the show to go just a little bit faster, but I [also] thought there were some key characters missing, certain archetypes that were important.”

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Oh Frank, you're being a bit modest. GH had turned into a hot, three-dollar mess before you took control! The changes—in such a short amount of time—have been truly amazing. Here's hoping GH will live well beyond that 50th anniversary, especially since ABC hasn't found one vehicle to successfully replace a soap yet...