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Rosie O'Donnell's Fiancée Battling Rare, Non-Cancerous Tumors

Former daytime talk show host Rosie O'Donnell and fiancée Michelle Rounds have postponed their wedding plans, as Rounds battles a rare disease. The Today's Professionals guest expert revealed Rounds' plight in a recent blog post.  Posted O'Donnell:


took mish 2 malibu

drove to napa

stopped in big sur

heaven on earth

it was a honeymoon

before the wedding

pure bliss

we laughed loved listened

then blink – it begins

on mothers day

morning pain

that won’t let up

we wander thru the maze of medical mystery

confused – scared

mish gets even smaller

i get even bigger – sugar my solace

i wake many mornings

in a darkened room

on a roll away cot

with good n plenty stuck in my matted hair

undiagnosed – again and again

her pain grew worse

it seemed impossible

no one knew what was wrong

life changes in an instant

desmoid tumors

odd and curious beasts

strong and sneaky

a non cancer that acts cancerous

only 900 cases a year in the US

an orphan disease – beyond rare

only 3 people per million get this

michelle is one of them

she is recovering from surgery in june

getting stronger every day

we have joined the fight against this disease

raising money and awareness

we had to postpone our wedding

re scheduled for next summer

in lieu of gifts -

we ask for donations

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