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DAYSaster SPOILERS: Death, Despair and Rekindled Love Rock Salem on Days of Our Lives!


Days of Our Lives returns on Monday, Aug. 13, following a Summer Olympics-sanctioned hiatus. Now it's time for the men and women of Salem to do a few acrobatics of their own, as they try to duck and dodge all the falling debris—not to mention the heartache—from the DAYSaster!

Lumi vs. EJami: When we last saw Samantha Jean (Alison Sweeney), she was dangling over a landing in a warehouse, as EJ (James Scott) held on to her tighter than Will (Chandler Massey) wants to hold on to his ex-step pappy's waist! Speaking of William, the delightful lad turns up just in time to save EJami.

Will is also there to help an injured Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), who passes out while trying to find Sami.  After tending to his dad, Will returns to find Sami and EJ have gotten GHOST! Did all that dangling and talking about their kids result in Sami and EJ realizing they never stopped loving each other?

Look for a devastated Lucas to inform a thrilled Kate (Lauren Koslow) that he's too through with Sami, yet again. 

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Kate/Ian/Madison: Speaking of Kate, when Mrs. DiMera runs into her son, she's on the way to turn her ex-lover Ian (Ian Buchanan) in to the Po-Po.  Prior to this, Kate has just overheard Ian begging Madison (Sarah Brown) to take him back. Who does he think he is, Keith Sweat at a 90's Flashback Concert? Kate hears Ian say he only slept with Kate to gain access to the DiMeras, and the he really loves Madison.

The purple streak in Kate's hair turns fire red and she goes straight OFF on Ian! The Brit informs the former madam-turned-cosmetics-queen he's the one who iced Stefano (Joe Mascolo)! Will Ian make good on his threats to do the same to Kate?

Daniel/Nicole: Dr. Hairy Crotch (Shawn Christian) hears Nicole (Arianne Zucker) screaming, and enlists Bo's (Peter Reckell) help in finding her in the rubble. Later, Daniel finds Nikki outside in Horton Square about to give brith! Daniel manages to stop EJ's baby from making an early appearance, which causes Nicole to realize she truly loves him. Most women would just buy a nice Hallmark card for the OBGYN, but okay...

Later at University Hospital, Daniel tells Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) he has to cut ties with Nicole to focus on Melanie (Molly Burnett), just as Nicole is telling a priest Daniel is the man for her. How will Nicole react when Daniel tries to break things off once and for all?   


The Deveraux Clan: Jack and Jenn (Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves) are desperate to free Abigail (Kate Mansi) from the damaged elevator. Unfortunately for the Fourth Estaters, Jack has one of his PTSD fits, while alone in the elevator with a knocked out Abby!

Just as Jack is able to push Abigail out to the rescuers, another blast hits! When the elevator goes crashing to the ground, will Jack survive? Considering Ashford has been fired for the 17th time, I'm guessing no...

Brady/Melanie/Chad/Gabi/Andrew: Deep beneath Salem, in those oh-so-gasy, electrically-charged tunnels, Melanie (Molly Burnett) is trying to nurse Brady (Eric Martsolf) back to health, just as Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Gabi (Camila Banus) show up. Andrew, the fool who caused all of this, is nowhere to be found.

Later at the hospital, Gabi tries to come clean to Chad. Can he and the others ever forgive Rafe's (Galen Gering) muy manipulative hermana? You'll have to tune in to Days of Our Lives the week of Aug. 13 to find out!