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Bonnie Franklin Previews Saintly Role on Young and Restless

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In an interview with, One Day at a Time star Bonnie Franklin talkd about her upcoming role on The Young and the Restless. Franklin, who will play Sister Celeste opposite Victor (Eric Braeden) and Genevieve (Genie Francis), dished about the storyline that brings her to the CBS soap.

On the current storyline...

“I am coming into this as a totally new, fresh character. I am not even involved, quite honestly, with knowing what is going on with [Victor (Eric Braeden)]. I just greet them as I see them as my character meets them.”

“I’m playing a modern day nun—blue jeans and shirts—who works at a mission in a water-front area  helping homeless people, [and] people who seem to be in trouble. Helping them kind of pull it together so they can move forward.”

“I find this man, [Victor], is in trouble and I try to help him. And I don’t trust this woman, [Genevieve (Genie Francis)], that I meet.”

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Franklin makes her Y&R debut on August 24. For the entire interview visit