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SPOILERS: Can Nick and Victoria Squash a Power Hungry Sharon on The Young and the Restless?


Nick/Victoria/Sharon/Victor: When their new stepmom questions their authority at Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria go to war!  Look for Sharon to make a huge power play for the company.

Nikki/Sharon: Mrs. Jack Abbott starts to have second thoughts about sending Sharon the fake text from Victor's phone. Meanwhile, Sharon is reading over her pre-nup and realizes she must be married to Victor for 8 days in order to get any of his money. The slonkey burns up her pre-nup, just as Nikki goes to the ranch to confess all to Sharon.

Her spidey senses on high alert, Nikki detects the fire. Even still, she decides to come clean. The two women get into a heated argument and Nikki ponders if Sharon has anything to do with The Black Knight being M.I.A.

Later, Jack has a special honeymoon planned for his new wife, but Nikki informs him she can't go. She has to locate Victor. This doesn't set to well for Ol' Smilin' Jack! Will be still be waiting when Nikki gets back from searching for Mr. Mumbles? 

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