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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Joe summons Johnny to talk about wanting to take Sonny down.  He says Johnny is the heir apparent of both Zacchara and Solito empires.  Johnny says he has a new life and has walked away from that one.  Joe says Sonny will take everything and end up controlling it all.  Johnny still isn’t interested so Joe says to give him the business since he’s already laying the ground work to come after Sonny.  Johnny says he’ll pass and leaves. 

Sonny has Trey brought to his boxing studio to prove his worth.  Trey says he stopped the show because he didn’t want to hurt or exploit Kristina anymore. He just wants her.  In the ring, the two start to spar. Trey is holding his own until Sonny distracts him by mentioning a background check. Sonny manages to get a punch in, knocking Trey down. Trey gets back up and says he intends on making things official with Kristina and Sonny knocks him out again. 

Starr’s angry with Todd for pressing charges against John. She is sure her father did something to provoke the fight.  Todd pretends to care about his niece until Starr calls him on it and warns him she’ll leave for good if he doesn’t drop the charges.  Todd wonders why she likes John so much. She reminds him that John was there for her after the accident when he couldn’t.  Todd says John took away his family, but Starr again says he needs to do the right thing. 

Kristina tries to comfort Sam, who’s worried about John because he spent the night in jail.  Kris tells her to go down and support John. However, Sam assures her that he’s just a friend and that it was just a kiss that they got out of their systems.  Kristina doesn’t buy it, pointing out that Sam and John have feelings for each other. She wonders how that will affect Jason and their marriage. 

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Sam says she’s been trying with Jason, but it hasn’t been working. She thinks it may be over and time for a divorce.  Sam changes the subject to Trey and whether Sonny knows they’re dating. Kris heads out to find her father. 

John needs to get to London to see Natalie, but Alexis wants information first, namely, why he kissed Sam. John swears he loves his family, even though Alexis mentions his connection with Sam and how he was there for Sam with the baby.   Alexis says Sam can’t get over the loss of the baby. John berates himself again for not getting her to the hospital.  Alexis asks about his feelings and john admits he cares for Sam. 

Olivia’s happy to see Dante, but shocked to see a very pregnant Lulu. Then she realizes she’s seeing things again.  Olivia explains about seeing Heather’s refection in the mirror and is worried about ending up in a padded cell.  Dante reminds her that there will be side effects and to let them know when it happens again.  Olivia worries that she’ll see things for the rest of her life. 

Dante heads off to find Ewen while Lulu goes to see Patrick. Lulu gets nauseous and throws up in a garbage can.  Olivia looks at the Sun and sees herself pictured there. 

Todd goes to the police station and tells John and Alexis that he’s dropping the charges and to thank Starr.  Todd goes back to his office to let Starr know that John is free. Starr assures him that he did the right thing and that he’s her hero. 

Kristina shows up at the boxing ring. Sonny says he and Trey have been getting to know each other and wants to go to brunch. He asks about Trey’s parents. 

Sam’s happy when Alexis gets home with John in tow.