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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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John tells Sam that Todd dropped the charges and that he’s on the next flight to London. Then he gets word that Natalie and Liam are actually back in Llanview.  Sam thanks Alexis for her help and claims she wants John to reunite with his family. However, Alexis says they need to deal with their feelings for each other.  John tells Sam that he’ll miss her and Sam hopes things work out for him.  A process server shows up and gives John a restraining order. 

John’s angry that he’s being kept away from his son, but Alexis says they weren’t married. If paternity was never legally established, he may have a hard time getting custody.  John makes a call and swears he’s coming for his son.  Alexis tells him that it could be perceived as a threat and not to give anyone ammunition.  Sam offers to talk to Natalie, but Alexis says no.  She tells John to stay in town until she can establish paternity. 

Maxie finds Lulu puking in the garbage can and thinks she may be pregnant. However, Lulu deflects saying it was likely something she ate, but admits to Olivia’s vision.  Maxie wonders if Olivia now has a sixth sense.  Maxie asks if it’s possible. Lulu counts back and realizes she’s late, but figures it could be stress after everything that’s happened.  Maxie wonders if Lulu doesn’t want to be pregnant.   Lulu says she does, but not now. It’s the worst possible timing and doesn’t know what to do.  Maxie heads off and brings her back a pregnancy test.  

Jason’s teaching Spinelli how to box. When they switch sides, Jason remembers all of the McBam encounters and accidentally hits Spin.  Spinelli understands that Sam’s feelings are clouded, but they can’t live their lives in limbo.  Spin mentions Sam leaning on her family, but that Jason has to struggle alone.  Spin points out that by leaving Sam alone, she’s slipping away. Jason claims he can’t keep her where she doesn’t want to be.  Spin tells him to find out where his marriage is headed. 

Carly’s worried about Todd. She points out that he doesn’t need police after him for going after one of their own.  Todd assures her that he dropped the charges, thanks to Starr.  Carly tells him that he needs a new woman. However, Todd says he’s heartbroken and not interested.  Talk turns to Jax. Todd looks him up online and Carly bad mouths Jerry.

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Carly says there’s someone out there for Todd, especially since he’s in a new town, where no one knows his past.  She offers to help him find the right woman and grabs a magazine to do a compatibility quiz.  Todd forces her to do one also and realizes the results point to a woman like Carly.

Ewen’s feeling guilty for making Patrick suffer, but Jerry says there is no time for guilty consciences. Robin’s kidnapping was necessary for the bigger project.  Jerry says he has another job for Ewen and shows him a picture of Carly.  Ewen initially refuses to do what Jerry is asking of him, but Jerry tells him that he must.  After Ewen leaves, Jerry looks at a photo of Alexis and talks to it, until he has another coughing fit. 

Liz pays Patrick a visit, to let him know how Emma is doing and that his lab work has come back clean.  Patrick wants to leave so he can begin to deal with Robin’s loss. He mentions Liz giving Ewen a second chance.  He wants Liz to move on and be happy and not stay hung up on Jason.  Liz reminds Patrick that she’s known Jason a long time, shared a child and are still friends. She hopes that Ewen can understand that. 

Ewen arrives and interrupts.  Patrick says he’s taking credit for them getting back together.  Ewen agrees to discharge Patrick tomorrow. He asks to go and see Emma to give her the news.  When Liz leaves to get the paperwork in order, Patrick makes it clear that Jason won’t be a threat to Ewen’s chances with Liz. 

When Liz returns, Ewen grabs her and desperately kisses her, but then apologizes.  She wonders why he seems off today.  Ewen remembers what it was that Jerry asked him to do in relation to Carly, which was to kidnap Jocelyn.

Sam assures John that her mother will win this for him.  John is angry that he’s missing time with his son and then realizes what that means to Sam.  Sam says he won’t lose his son. The two hug.  Jason arrives and sees them. 

Alexis gets a call from a disguised Jerry that there is a problem at Windemere. She goes over to check it out.  She’s shocked when she sees Jerry.