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Kristoff St. John Isn't Feeling The Backburner on The Young and the Restless

Ousted showrunner Maria Arena Bell isn't the only member of The Young and the Restless company taking to Facebook to share thoughts on backstage drama. Veteran actor Kristoff St. John took to his page on the social networking site to reveal how he really feels about Neil Winters riding the backburner on the soap opera! Posted St. John:


Hey my peeps! New program for Thursdays. Lets try posting "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENIN' WITH WORK THIS THURSDAY?". And for those that are offended by the antithesis of Heaven; WHAT THE 'HECK' IS HAPPENIN' WITH WORK THIS THURSDAY?" Ima start this one off.

I'm actually off from work today, even though work at the Y and R Cheeze factory continues without me. I'm grateful for the day off, but honestly?...I'd like to be more integrated into the summer fabric of the show. Who said actors over 40 years of age should go into hibernation to the deepest and coldest part of Siberia, while the youngstas get to play in the sunshine. Altho, there are quite a few of the 'over 40' crowd/actors that need their sunscreen and beach towels in Genoa City during the summer months. (these peeps will remain nameless, cuz I'm sure we know who they are) Maybe I've already perfected my 'tan' and need some meditative, 'yoga time' away. Whatever the case, I am grateful and happy to be working/gainfully employed on the only #1 Daytime drama on the planet, "The Young and the Restless". Here's the real kicker; Today? Since it's actually over 100 plus degrees in my neck of the woods, I think I will grab my Ipod, beach towel, and some lemonade and go work on my 'African Man Tan' at the beach... Sans Sunscreen. My real life is much mo betta than my alter egos life. (99.9% of the time) Thank God!

This isn't the first time St. John spoke out about the lack of storylines for his popular character. The actor set the interwebs on fire a few years back, following an interview with Buzzworthy Radio where he talked about his frustrations.

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I say good for St. John! My late granny said a closed mouth don't get fed. MAB has been starving this brutha for a decent storyline for five, long years. Here's hoping Josh Griffith will rectify that situation.

Y&R has historically been huge in black households; you would have thought MAB would have at least attempted to tell a decent storyline for at least one of Y&R's characters of color during her tenure!

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