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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis reminds Jerry that he’s supposed to be dead. He jokes that he’s a strong swimmer and wants to catch up on their lives. Jerry says he cares about her, which Alexis finds odd since he likes to hurt those she loves. She says she loathes him. However,  Jerry thinks she’s lying and really wants him. Alexis slaps Jerry and says there is no goodness in him. She points out that there’s still a warrant out for his arrest and wants to call the police. Her phone doesn’t work. Jerry admits he moved the satellite.

Jason demands to know what’s going on, since he thought John was gone. Sam explains about the picture and that Alexis is representing John. Sam again says the kiss didn’t mean anything. John decides to leave them to work things out. However, before he leaves Sam warns him not to do anything to violate the restraining order and make things worse.

Sam asks what Jason wants. He admits that things keep getting in the way of their reunion. Sam admits she still loves him, but doesn’t think it’s enough anymore. Jason says he’ll put his ring back on if she wants. He knows he hurt her by not accepting the baby soon enough. He swears he never wanted the baby gone. He wants the old feelings back and asks if Sam can forgive him.

Sam isn’t sure if she can. The pain is still fresh and will likely never go away. She blames him and always will. Sam thinks it would be different if they baby had lived. She says she won’t turn her back on John, since he’s in this mess because of her and she won’t let him lose his child. Sam asks if Jason can accept John in her life and he doesn’t know.

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Dante and Kate question Ewen about Olivia’s episodes. He assures them that they are likely acid flashbacks and will get less frequent over time. Ewen tells them to keep doing what they have been. Kate sends Dante off and talks to Ewen about not being fully integrated yet because she still hasn’t remembered shooting out the tires. She wonders if she’s a danger to Sonny, but Ewen feels that Connie is no longer a threat.

Lulu says she isn’t pregnant because they’ve been using protection, but Maxie wants her to find out for sure. Lulu heads off to find a washroom but runs into Dante. Maxie deflects his curiosity and after he’s gone, she tells Lulu to have a conversation with her husband about having a family.

Johnny tells Carly about his visit with Joe, who wants to bring Sonny to his knees and wants Johnny’s help. Johnny tells her that he turned it down, that he’s through with that life and isn’t risking losing her. Carly’s proud of Johnny and glad that she doesn’t have to worry about her kids anymore. Carly brings Josslyn up for a nap and the two decide to have their own afternoon delight.

Joe’s angry when he sees the marks on Trey’s face and swears Sonny will pay for it. Trey tries to reassure his father that it was a friendly boxing match and it got on Kristina’s good side as well. Joe wants to know when the wedding is set for. Trey complains that it’s too soon and he wants to take things slow. Joe continues to insist that Trey needs to be married before Sonny finds out the truth or that Sonny will come after him when he’s let out. Trey agrees to find a way to propose. Joe promises they’ll do something good with the money when they get it.

Sonny wants advice from Kristina and shows her an engagement ring. He says he’s going to propose to Kate. Kris reminds him that Kate was shot the last time. She wonders if she is strong enough to handle something like this. Sonny says they’re working on their issues. Kris says she’s happy for him. Sonny’s glad they aren’t fighting anymore.

John runs into them and Kristina warns him away from JaSam. John swears he has no intention of getting between them. Sonny complains that the DA in Atlantic City is dragging his heels and that no one gets what they want if Joe walks. John asks if Sonny is going after Joe and Sonny mentions Joe’s threat about the kids. John says Sonny can have Joe if he gets off.

Sonny runs into Kate and says he has a surprise for her. Ewen lets himself into Carly’s house. Sam and Jason realize they need to divorce. Alexis finds the doors locked when she tries to make a run for it. Jerry grabs her and chloroforms her.