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Chicago Sun-Times Item Mentions Good Afternoon America Being 70 Percent Off One Life to Live's Numbers!

The mainstream press is taking notice of Good Afternoon America proving to be every bit the smelly, ratings turd that The Revolution was before it. A recent item in the Chicago Sun-Times had this to say about the limited-run series:


First “The Revolution” bombed as the replacement for “One Life to Live,” and now the summer-only edition of “Good Afternoon America” is attracting an audience 70 percent smaller than the axed, long-running soap opera. While “GAA” is basically a place-holder for the much-anticipated launch of Katie Couric’s “Katie” chatfest on Sept. 10, you can bet the ABC honchos are hoping the veteran broadcaster will be a lot more successful.

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Eagle-eyed Daytime Confidential readers will likely point out that GAA is actually 70 percent smaller than One Life to Live's numbers among women 18-49, which I blogged a few days ago, after finding the info on Marc Berman's must-read TV Media Insights blog. So glad the mainstream media is starting to pay attention to the rotten dinosaur eggs ABC is laying all over their daypart, in a rushed attempt to get out of daytime soaps. Mickey and Minnie, it just ain't working. Bring back One Life to Live and All My Children!