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General Hospital's Maurice Benard on How New Regime Scripts Sonny: "They're Writing Sonny as a Man"

Maurice Benard is loving Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati's more "well-rounded" version of Sonny Corinthos, the dimpled mobster he's played on and off since 1993. In an interview with MSN, Benard said this about the "new" Sonny:


I love the way they've affected him. They're writing Sonny as a man, as opposed to a mafia guy or a killer with a good heart. He's just a well-rounded man. And he's still badass - I went off, today! Sonny just thinks a little more, especially with the woman he loves. He tries. And they tell me during scenes, "Not so big. Be more supportive." Wow, they never told me this, before. It's changed. I'm into it and I think, as far as I can see on twitter, [the fans are] all into it. A year ago, the fans on twitter hated everything I was doing. They hated the show. It was like, "Why is this happening? This is stupid!" Now, it’s all positive.

Are you enjoying a kindler, gentler Sonny? Sound off in the comments!

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