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CTD Chief on Jeff Probst vs. Rival's $80 Million Dollar 'Kate': "I Think Disney-ABC Cut a Bad Deal"


Brrr, it's cold in here. There must be some TV execs trying to pimp their new vehicles in the atmosphere! In a new Broadcasting and Cable article previewing how CBS Television Distribution (CTD) hopes new blood will help the division stay on top of the syndication game—in daytime (Jeff Probst) and in primetime (Arsenio)—CTD President John Nogawski threw major shade at rival Disney-ABC's upcoming chatfest Katie.

When discussing how much it is going to cost to produce and promote CTD's fall 2012 offering Jeff Probst—$30 million ($24M to produce and $6M to promote), the reporter compared Probst's numerics to that of Katie Couric's upcoming self-titled talker, which will cost a whopping $80 million dollars to get off the air!

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Here's what Nogawski had to say about his competitor's pricey gamble:

"I think [Disney-AC cut a bad deal." he says. "They did get very large license fees, but the majority of those license fees are attributed to ABC's owned-and-operated stations. [Katie] is going to have to do a very large number for them to make money."

If it's one think Nogawski knows about, it's making money in syndication. CTD distributes top-rated fare such as Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Wheel of Fourtune, Jeopardy and Entertainment Tonight among others. On the other hand, CTD could still be a little salty that they had to pass on Katie, due to the project's hefty asking price. Do you think Katie will prove worth the gamble for the Mouse House's syndication arm? Sound off in the comments!