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DAYS' Freddie Smith on Sonny's Upcoming Gay Bullying Arc: "He Thought He Was Home Free"

Well-adjusted, gay teenager Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) hasn't had to deal with many of the negative issues that can unfortunately be typical of being an out gay man, since arriving in Salem on Days of Our Lives. That's about to change. In an interview with Outlook Columbus, Smith previews the NBC soap's upcoming gay bullying storyline, centered on Sonny. Here's an excerpt:


The character of Sonny showed up to Salem very confident, but in an upcoming plot twist, he becomes a victim of bullying because his attacker, “T,” believes Sonny made Will, another young character on the show, gay.

“It’s very emotional to be bullied. When you go through it it’s a big part of your life,” said Freddie. “I’m hoping I can make an impact and show how bullying negatively affects people and make a difference. I think that everyone will be able to relate to this storyline, so it is important to the show.”

He said that viewers are going to see a different side of Sonny after he experiences being bullied. Freddie mentions that before Sonny came to Salem, he had much tougher time being openly gay. “It brings him back – he thought he was home free. Its disappointing to him,” said Freddie. “He was very bullet proof at first. You’re going to see that he does have flaws. You’re going to see Sonny make mistakes and deal with those mistakes.”

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While I'm happy to see DAYS tackle such a topical subject, I have to admit, I'd rather see Sonny get a good, old-fashioned romance—just like every straight character in Salem—than have his journey be made into some afterschool special on bullying. That being said, I will reserve my judgement until the story debuts. Do you think DAYS will do a good job handling a gay bullying arc? Sound off in the comments!