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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jerry lays an unconscious Alexis down on the couch and claims he never wanted to hurt her, but has no choice. He then injects her with something.

Ewen almost gets caught by Carly and Johnny, but manages to take Josslyn and sneak out of the house. Ewen takes her to Windermere. He is surprised to see Alexis there as well. Ewen stops Jerry from injecting Josslyn. Jerry sarcastically offers to let Ewen out of their agreement, but then warns that he’ll tell Liz the truth if Ewen refuses to continue to cooperate. Jerry says he has one final assignment for him and injects Josslyn.

Jason’s not sure how they can separate their lives. He doesn’t want to make things harder. Sam doesn’t want them to forget how much they meant to each other. She doesn’t want his money and then asks if they should try a separation or counseling. Jason agrees to, if it’s what she needs. Sam admits she doesn’t know what she wants, that she can’t forgive him and is punishing him. Jason would rather let her go than see her hurt.

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Sam doesn’t know how to say goodbye and wonders if they can divorce, but still be friends like they used to be. Jason says they can’t be friend, but he’ll always want her to be happy. He’s sorry how things turned out. Sam wants them to say the words or it won’t be real. They both say goodbye. Jason turns away, but Sam grabs his hand. They hug and then kiss.

Sonny takes Kate to his restaurant and the two reminisce about their first date. Sonny’s sad that he let her go from his life twice. He thinks it’s a miracle they’ve found each other again. He wants Kate to be by his side for the rest of their lives. She’s worried about Connie coming back and that he deserves better than her because she’s crazy. Sonny says they both deserve to be happy and asks her to spend her life with him. Kate accepts.

Dante finds the pregnancy test in Lulu’s bag. He thinks that its Maxie’s based on her weird behavior at the hospital. However, Lulu admits that it’s hers and that she’s pregnant. Dante’s shocked and then thrilled. Lulu points out that it makes Olivia psychic. Dante says he’s happy, but then wonders if she is. Dante asks if she has reservations or if the timing isn’t right. Lulu says she has fears, but no reservations and wants a family with him.

Alexis comes to and is confused as to what happened, but doesn’t seem to remember and leaves. Jerry has another coughing fit then says she has what she needs.

Carly checks in on Josslyn and finds her missing. She panics that someone has taken her. Johnny offers to check outside while she calls the police. She tries Dante, but doesn’t reach him. Johnny comes running back in with Josslyn, whom he found asleep outside. Carly asks her daughter if she remembers waking up and going out, but Josslyn says no. Ewen lurks outside.

Jason and Sam have flashbacks of their lives together as they kiss. They declare their love for each other and he leaves.