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Who Does Kelly Monaco Want Sam McCall to End Up With on General Hospital?

Who should Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco) be with on General Hospital, short on words hitman Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), or even less talkative, cop John McBain (Michael Easton)? Xfinity's Sara Bibel attempted to get Monaco to weigh in on who the P.I. she portrays truly desires. Here's what Monaco said when asked her preference:


Sam has two hot men in her life right now. Do you have any preference for whether she ends up with John or Jason?

Monaco: No, I don’t have a preference. Maybe on Monday morning I want a little blonde, Tuesday I need a brunette. She is married, though. Her heart’s broken. She was betrayed.

Oh come on, Kell. You know McBam is FIYA. The only way to get over one quiet, gun-wielding, blue-eyed man, is to get under another one! Who do you want Sam to end up with? Tell us where your loyalties lie in the comments!

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