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BEST NEWS EVER: Wendy "Da Baddest Chick" Moniz Joins 666 Park Avenue!

Okay, forgive this momentary lapse of extreme fanboy behavior, but...YEEEEEEEK!TV Guide is reporting one of my all-time favorite soap opera super bitches, Wendy Moniz, is joining the cast of ABC's upcoming supernatural sudser 666 Park Avenue!


Soap fans last saw Moniz playing the ball-breaking mayor on the final season of One Life to Live. For this Guiding Light watcher, however, she will always be the most gleefully hateful (and best) Dinah Marler ever!

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 According to TV Guide, Moniz will appear on 666 in a multi-episode arc, as a therapist named Ingrid.  As if Vanessa Williams and Dave Annable being part of this cast wasn't reason enough for me to watch 666 Park Avenue, now my Dinah Marler, er Wendy Moniz is in it too?! Watch a clip of Moniz as bitch-nasty Dinah, opposite the equally incredible Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa) from Guiding Light, below!