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Daytime Confidential Top 20, July 2012


No. 20: Natalia Livingston, Days of Our Lives

Former Days of Our Lives star Natalia Livingston returned to the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in July 2012 for the first time since August 2011.


No. 19: Eileen Davidson, The Young and the Restless/Days of Our Lives

Eileen Davidson made her Daytime Confidential countdown debut at No. 19 on the July 2012 DC Top 20. News of Davidson exiting the role of Ashley Abbott on Y&R, only to return to DAYS as Kristen Blake, had DC readers buzzing.

The Daytime Confidential Top 20 is based on the clicks of Daytime Confidential readers as they use the website. It is tabulated at the end of each month and published during the following month.


No. 18: Maria Arena Bell, The Young and the Restless

Maria Arena Bell may have gotten the boot from The Young and the Restless, but she can console herself with landing at the No. 18 spot on our countdown for July.


No. 17: Jeanne Cooper, The Young and the Restless

After falling out of the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in June, The Young and the Restless dame Jeanne Cooper worked her way back onto the countdown in July at No. 17. Cooper's New York Times Best Selling memoir, Not Young, Still Restless, and all those sassy interviews she gives to promote it, keep Cooper on the Must Click List at DC.


No. 16: Rebecca Herbst, General Hospital

General Hospital’s Rebecca Herbst climbed from No. 20 in June to No. 16 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. With her character, Liz Webber, R.N., currently caught between reluctant bad guy, Dr. Ewen Keenan (Nathin Butler) and hottie hitman Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), we wouldn't be surprise if Herbst's stock continues to rise at DC. 


No. 15: Michael E. Knight, All My Children

Former All My Children star Michael E. Knight fell off the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in May, but returned to the list in July at No. 15. Almost a year after we said goodbye to Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, fans still want to know what's going on with the former Thaddeus "Tad the Cad" Martin.


No. 14: Melody Thomas Scott, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless’Melody Thomas Scott slipped one spot from No. 13 in June to No. 14 in July. Scott's Nikki Newman has remained a consistent treat on Y&R, even during one of the rockiest creative periods in the show's history.


No. 13: Michelle Stafford, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Michelle Stafford shot from No. 26 in June to No. 13 in July on the Daytime Confidential Top 20. Phyllis Newman has had a lot going on in Genoa City lately, as she battled to keep her deadly secrets from coming out.


No. 12: Roger Howarth, General Hospital

General Hospital’sRoger Howarth jumped from No. 18 in June to No. 12 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. Howarth has managed to successfully crossover One Life to Live villain Todd Manning from Llanview P.A. to GH's Port Charles, New York without missing so much as one tabloid headline. We wonder how far he'll climb (or sink) when everyone in both fictional cities learns about that baby switch?


No. 11: Alicia Minshew, All My Children

Former All My Children star Alicia Minshew rose from No. 14 in June to No. 11 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. Much like her AMC co-star Michael E. Knight, Minshew remains a popular topic among DC readers.

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No. 10: Sharon Case, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Sharon Case went from No. 12 in June to No. 10 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. The once-beloved character of Sharon Newman may have been royally assassinated in recent years, but Case keeps giving one wonky storyline after another her best efforts.


No. 9: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, General Hospital

Former General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo edged up from No. 10 in June to No. 9 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. A lot of fans were unhappy with the writing for Brenda Barrett during her last visit to Port Chuck. Perhaps it's time to see what Ron Carlivati could do with the character?

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No.8: Victoria Rowell, The Young and the Restless

Former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell dropped from No. 3 in June to No. 8 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. Rowell is currently sexing up cable in VH1's soapy hit Single Ladies, but Y&R fans will never give up hope that Drucilla will claw her way up to the top of that cliff.


No. 7: Crystal Chappell, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful’sCrystal Chappell slipped from No. 5 in June to No. 7 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. No matter what soap she's on, Chappell remains one of serialized TV's most popular stars.


No. 6: Kelly Monaco, General Hospital

General Hospital and Dancing With The Stars: All Stars beauty Kelly Monaco jumped from No. 11 in June to No. 6 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. Fiesty private investigator Sam McCall is front and center on GH these days. When she isn't grieving for a baby that isn't dead, she's busy trying to get to the bottom of Todd's (Roger Howarth) sleazy connection to Heather Webber (Robin Mattson). Of course she still finds time to lock lips with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and John McBain (Michael Easton), all of which keeps DC readers wanting to know more about Ms. Monaco.


No. 5: Michael Easton, General Hospital

General Hospital’sMichael Easton climbed from No. 7 in June to No. 5 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. The One Life to Live transplant is battling Port Charles' golden boy Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) for the heart of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), as moody cop John McBain. We can't help but wonder what a visit from Natalie Buchanan (Melissa Archer) would do for Easton's clicks on Daytime Confidential?


No. 4: Kimberly McCullough, General Hospital

Kimberly McCullough zoomed from No. 15 in June to No. 4 on July’s Daytime Confidential Top 20. Whether on our screens or off learning how to be the next Kathryn Bigelow, McCullough and her character Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake remain the heart and soul of General Hospital.


No. 3: Farah Fath, One Life to Live

Former One Life to Live star Farah Fath moved up from No. 4 in June to No. 3 on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in July. It is her highest-ranking since October 2011. With so much buzz, we say it's about time a soap snapped up Fath. Maybe Fath can add much-needed comic relief to the overly-melodramatic young love saga on The Bold and the Beautiful? Or, she could always go home to Salem as Mimi Lockhart!


No. 2: Peter Reckell, Days of our Lives

For the third month in a row Days of Our Lives’ Peter Reckell maintained his hold at No. 2 on the Daytime Confidential Top 20.


No. 1: Kirsten Storms, General Hospital

If clicks on Daytime Confidential are your barometer, Kirsten Storms is consistently the most fascinating person in soaps. The soon-to-be returning General Hospital starlet has ranked No. 1 on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 for seven months in a row!