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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu and Dante are still excited, but fearful about becoming parents.  Lulu wants to wait before announcing the pregnancy. Dante agrees to keep it between them for now.  Lulu sets up an appointment with Dr. Lee to confirm it. 

Luke leaves a voice message for Anna not to buy into Heather’s lies.  Steve overhears and wonders what his mother has done now.  Steve offers Luke an apology, saying Heather should have never been released.  Luke figures they’re even, since Steve saved his life. He asks about Heather’s accomplice.  Steve is surprised to hear there was someone else involved. Luke explains that someone in a hockey mask came to feed him.   

Todd wonders why Heather summoned him to visit her.  She wants him to help her get out or she’ll spill the beans about the baby.  Todd says he can’t get her out since she’s a danger to society. He goes through her lists of sins.  Todd says the truth will hurt Tea, but Heather says he’ll be arrested for kidnapping.  Todd wonders what she expects him to do. Heather wants it all to go away so she can make amends to Steve and Luke.  She says Steven needs her and lets it spill that she saved him from the Memphis mess.  Todd quickly realizes that Steve was responsible and not Maggie. 

Todd says the police will likely reopen the case, now that they know Maggie wasn’t responsible, and Steve will end up in jail, something Heather’s not happy about.    Todd says he can either point the Memphis PD towards Steve or away from him.  He tells Heather that he can’t get her out, but he can help Steven is she stops blackmailing him about Sam’s baby.  Heather says she would do anything for Steven and agrees to Todd’s conditions.

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Jason stops by to see Carly and she tells him what happened with Josslyn.  Jason wonders if Jax was behind it all, wanting to see his daughter.  When Carly questions Joss, she denies it.  Jason mentions that he and Sam are getting a divorce.  Carly blames Sam, saying Sam is always playing the victim and that if he loves Sam not to give up.  Jason says what they had is gone.  Josslyn gives Jason a hug. Carly notices the needle mark on her arm and is concerned since Joss is still on the anti-rejection meds.  Jason tells her to bring Joss to the hospital. 

Jerry has another coughing fit, and coughs up blood.  Ewen wants to know why Jerry drugged Alexis and Josslyn.  Jerry says everything will be explained very soon and tells Ewen to calm down.  While Jerry is out of the room, Ewen breaks open the briefcase and finds the vials.  Jerry returns and takes one of the vials and drinks it and says it’s just water.  Ewen wonders if leaving the case behind was a test and Jerry points out that he’s always one step ahead.  Jerry swears he isn’t going to harm Alexis or Josslyn. 

Sam questions Alexis about Windemere, but Alexis doesn’t remember anything before waking up on the couch and figured she simply fainted and is very tired now.  Alexis says she’s working on John’s case. Sam mentions that she’ll need her mother’s services for her divorce.  Sam says she can’t get past what Jason did. Alexis warns her to be very sure before starting anything.  Sam admits she thought she’d be married forever, but that it’s broken and can’t be fixed.  Alexis wonders what would happen if John left town permanently. However, Sam says despite her connection with John it’s more about not being able to forgive Jason and get past it. 

Sam says every time she looks in Jason’s eyes now, she sees the man who abandoned her when she needed him most.  Alexis agrees to represent her, but warns that Diane doesn’t do amicable.  Sam says she wants nothing from Jason so it should be simple and tells her mother that she appreciates her. The two hug and Alexis goes to leave but feels sick and faints. 

At the hospital, Lante pay Luke a visit before their appointment.  Luke mentions Heather’s accomplice and how when he told the man about his daughter that the man hesitated, as though he has his own daughter.  Lulu is surprised that her father was thinking of her since she doesn’t expect him to be sentimental.  Luke says it’s not sentimental to think of loved ones when dying and that she’s his only daughter and that she’s on his mind a lot.

Dante wonders who would work for Heather.  Lulu mentions the internet date or the forger. However, Dante figures those guys would only be in it for the money.  Luke says the person was well off, because he noticed the shoes were expensive.