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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis passes out. John arrives as Sam is dialling 911 and spots the needle mark on her arm. 

Carly has Steve check out Josslyn’s arm.  At first, Steven thinks it’s a bug bite, but agrees to run some tests. Carly explains about the sleepwalking, saying it scared her because it reminded her of Liz and Jake. 

Liz spots Jason waiting and he explains what’s happened with Joss. He then tells Liz about the divorce.  Alexis is brought in and Sam explains that her mother collapsed and she doesn’t know why.  Jason tells John about the divorce and explains about the red mark on Josslyn's arm.  John mentions Alexis having a similar mark.


Patrick is being released when Epiphany arrives to discuss the drugs he stole. She’s angry that the orderly she accused could have lost his job. Patrick says he’s clean now and knows he needs to take responsibility. Pif accuses him of lying to her face and operating under the influence. Patrick swears the last part didn’t happen. He explains he couldn’t face things without Robin and that if Pif feels she needs to go to Monica, he will understand. 

Epiphany agrees not to say anything, but promises to watch him like a hawk in the future. Pif says it won’t be easy, but he has friends to lean on, including her. Patrick admits to being scared to go home, but that he has to acknowledge his feelings.    

When Pif brings Emma to Patrick, the little girl is worried about him being sick and possibly dying. Patrick assures her that won't happen.  He says Robin is watching over them and they need to remind each other of that. 

Starr and Michael overhear Trey tell his father there will be a wedding. When pushed about it, Trey tells them about Sonny proposing to Kate. Surprised by the news, Michael heads out to find Kristina. Starr asks Trey if he told Kristina about his father. When Trey hesitates Starr wonders if he's embarassed about his dad being in jail. She points out, as the daughter of a mobster, Kristina should empathize. Trey says his dad knows about Kristina and is thrilled they're together. He promised his old man he'd keep his time behind bars a secret. Starr presses Trey to trust Kristina.Trey says his father isn’t the man he says he is. 

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Jerry pays Joe a visit in jail, claiming he needs Joe’s services again. Joe says he can’t help if he’s locked up. Jerry promises to get him out. Jerry explains he needs someone competent for his latest project. Joe says it will be hard to find good men, since most of them wound up dead on the last job they worked together — The Metro Court. Once Jerry agrees to arrange Joe's release, he says he will help with the latest task.   

Kristina gets home to an empty house, just as Michael shows up to ask about their father marrying Kate.  Kris admits Sonny confided in her about the ring and she mentioned it to Trey.  Michael hopes things work out for Sonny and Kate. 

Dr. Cutie examines Alexis. Sam explains her mother is a cancer survivor and that this is the second time in two days that she’s fainted.  Jason tells Steven about Alexis’ red mark. Liz mentions Alexis’ temperature rising.  Sam calls Kristina who heads to the hospital with Michael. 

John questions Sam, who mentions Alexis being at Wyndermere because the alarm company called. John offers to check it out.  Kristina and Michael show up. Jason tells Michael that Joss is there as well. John tells Jason that there was no alarm tripped and no one from the company called Alexis. He thinks she was lured to Wyndemere and wonders who it could be.  Jason dismisses the Cassadines or Sonny's rivals, so John wonders what Josslyn and Alexis have in common. 

Michael goes to Josslyn’s room and explains to Carly that Alexis is also sick.  Carly says they’re running tests and that the anti-rejection drugs from Josslyn's transplant are still working.  Carly asks Michael if he noticed anything strange the last time he babysat for his sister. 

Jerry tells Joe that they’re going to Spoon Island, just off of Port Charles. 

John wants to go to Wyndemere. Jason offers his boat, which makes John questions his helpfulness. Jason says he doesn’t buy that Josslyn would be sleepwalking at the same time that Alexis is being lured to Spoon Island.