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Sharon is Voted in as [SPOILER] on The Young and the Restless!

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Sharon Newman, Chief Executive Officer: Well kids, Sharon is about to do something no wife of Victor Newman has ever been able to do — become the CEO of Newman Enterprises! With Victor missing, Sharon is in possession of his stock by proxy. Thanks to the help of Tucker, the board votes next week to elect Sharon to Newman's top spot. Naturally, the Newman offspring won't be too happy about this. Nick and Victoria vow to bring Sharon down at Newman. Before things can get too ugly, Nick reaches out to Adam, asking him to talk some sense into their stepmother. Look for Adam to pay his ex a visit and gently remind her she doesn't have a clue how to run an international conglomerate! 


Sharon, still smarting over Adam's marriage to Chelsea, will be pissed off by his statements. Later, Sharon tells investigators to suspend the search for Victor. When the head of NE's security ignores her request, Sharon promptly gives him the boot! On a roll like never before, Sharon heads over to Tucker's to thank him with a steamy kiss, which is spied by Genevieve!

Nick/Victoria: Victor and Nikki's offspring formulate a plot to oust Sharon at Newman.

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Jack/Tucker: Old Smilin' Jack starts to grill his ex-brother-in-law about what he's doing with Sharon.

Kevin/Dr. Tim/Phyllis: Red summons the good doctor over to her place, under the guise of rekindling their affair. Tim arrives at the penthouse, with some wine. Phyllis stalls him by saying she wants to slip into a little number she bought for their rendezvous, and heads upstairs. Once upstairs, Phyllis spots an allergy pen she plans on using against Tim. Meanwhile, the shrink is downstairs taking some pills to help him, ahem, rise to the occasion! When the former tabloid journalist heads back downstairs, she discovers Tim passed out on the floor. Sucks to be Phyllis!

Lucky for Phyllis, Kevin stops by. After a little blackmail between frenemies, Kev agrees to help Phyllis out. Michael Baldwin's best friend and his baby brother smuggle Tim's body back to his crib and stage it on his bed. They hope to make it look as if Tim died at home. Beth, Tim's landlady, arrives and spots Kevin, who quickly claims he is an encyclopedia salesman. I guess it beats a Chipmunk...

Once Tim's body is discovered an autopsy is performed, revealing he kicked the bucket due to a heart attack. Beth snitches to Ronan about the "salesman" who visited Tim. When the Cop Who Shagged Her shows up to tell Phyllis about Tim's death, she acts surprised. Will Ronan buy her act?


The D.A. has no choice but to grill Kevin about Tim's death.


Cane wonders if dear, sweet mom is in cahoots with the mystery woman.