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Five Soap Opera Feuds That Spilled Over Into Real Life!


No. 5: Hunter Tylo vs. Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Their characters, Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), have fought over the affections of fickle fashion designer Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss) since 1990 on CBS Daytime's international hit serial The Bold and the Beautiful. However, Moss' recent exit from the series—after 25 years—inadvertently led to a real-life Twitter dust up between Tylo and Lang!

When a pot-stirring fan tweeted Lang accusations of Tylo allegedly failing to stop her fans from spreading "vicious rumors/gossip" about Lang, the blonde soap beauty called her brunette co-star out, tweeting: "Hunter, why don't you talk to me?" Ouch!

Tylo responded quickly, denying the messy fan's claims and asked Lang not to get "caught up in the chaos." The fact that Lang was so quick to believe an accusation from a fan makes you wonder, what is really going on up in the House of Forrester?   


No. 4: Victoria Rowell vs. Michelle Stafford, The Young and the Restless

It was the "spittake" seen around the world — or at the very least, discussed ad nauseum throughout the soap blogosphere! When former The Young and the Restless siren Victoria Rowell (Drucilla) exclusively revealed to Daytime Confidential the backstage beef between Rowell and co-star Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), fans were stunned.

All along we'd thought Drucilla Winters and Phyllis Summers' corporate rivalry ended once the Y&R director yelled "Cut!" Rowell's most shocking claim—that "The Staff" had purposefully spat on her during a heated scene—divided fans into two camps, those who felt Stafford's acting choice was an example of the classic "spittake", and those who felt the flame-haired star's move to drench Rowell with water was done out of spite. Four years later the topic can still set a soap message board on fire!

Meanwhile, droves of fans still wish for the day Dru will claw her way back up that cliff to tangle with Phyllis once again. Only this time, let's make sure no water glasses are on set!

Photo of Victoria Rowell by PR Photos

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No. 3: Eric Braeden vs. Peter Bergman, The Young and the Restless

Perfume prince Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has hated ruthless, corporate raider Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) ever since Victor a.) stole Jabot Cosmetics from the Abbott family and b.) bedded Jack's fragile, younger sister Ashley (Eileen Davidson). In turn, the self-made "New-Man" resented tennis-playing, country club kid Jack for having grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth — and an unlimited black card in his wallet. There was also their mutual affections for stripper-turned-fashion-model Nikki Reed Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) to consider.

In 1991, Jack vs. Victor spilled over into real life, as tabloid headlines screamed of an on set brawl between Bergman and Braeden! Reportedly, The Young and the Restless creator William J. Bell had to threaten to fire both hotheaded thesps to get them to cool down. While Bergman and Braeden continue to share tons of storylines on Y&R, right to this day, apparently there still isn't much love lost between the two. Got that?   


No. 2:  Susan Lucci vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar, All My Children

It had to be a bit rough forAll My Children legend Susan Lucci to see a sweet, young thing, critics we're calling the "new Erica Kane", strut onto her set in 1993. It was likely even more difficult for the still-Emmy-less-at-the-time Lucci when Sarah Michelle Gellar took home an Outstanding Younger Actress Daytime Emmy in 1995.

Gellar was without a doubt a revelation as Erica Kane's long-lost, badseed daughter Kendall Hart, but there was only room for one Queen Bee in the fictional 'burb of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, and nobody could sting quite like Erica Kane!  

Gellar left the series in 1995, amid rumblings that Lucci had her written off the show. She went on to star in one of the most popular, cult TV series ever, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-03); while Lucci finally won the Daytime Emmy in 1999, after 18 failed nominations.

While neither superstar actress has ever given more than a few brief statements about the rumored iciness during their time together on AMC, it was pretty telling when Gellar returned for a series-ending cameo and didn't share any scenes with Lucci. Talk about a Mother/Daughter Non-Reunion!   


No. 1:  Joan Collins vs. John Forsythe and Linda Evans, Dynasty

For the better part of the 1980's, oil baron Blake Carrington (the late John Forsythe) and his trophy wife Krystal (Linda Evans) battled his cunning, seductive first wife Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) on the top-rated ABC primetime drama Dynasty. If you believe numerous tabloid reports, the duo also warred with Collins offscreen! 

Collins and Forsythe addressed their backstage drama in the 2006 TV special Dynasty Reunion: Catfights and Caviar. Despite any bad blood, Collins was among the Dynasty stars who lovingly paid tribute to the legendary actor when he passed in 2010.

As for Evans, she and Collins re-teamed for a touring production of James Kirkwood's play Legends! in the mid 00'sThe divas played,  what else, two aging actresses who couldn't stand each other. Only Collins and Evans know for sure if it was a case of art-imitating-life-imitating-art.

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