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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam tries to get Alexis to retrace her steps from Wyndemere.  She asks if Alexis remembers anything out of place, but Alexis can’t remember. 

Steve reassures Carly that it’s likely just a bug bite.  Liz brings Josslyn a lollypop. Carly explains that she’s Jake’s mother and how grateful she is to Liz. 

John and Jason check out Wyndemere and are surprised when Ewen shows up.  Ewen claims he also got a call from the alarm company and pretends surprise at hearing about Alexis and Jocelyn’s conditions.  Jason asks if Ewen has been feeling sick, but Ewen claims he hasn’t been there in months.  John tells him there was no tripped alarm and Ewen may have been lured like Alexis was.  He asks to trace Ewen’s call and Ewen decides to head to the hospital. 

Both John and Jason are suspicious of Ewen’s strange behavior. They don’t believe the house is abandoned.  John says the house could be disease central and wonders if Jason knows anyone who deals with bio hazards.  John gets a call about Joe’s release and decides to head down to Atlantic City. 

Starr continues to try and get Trey to tell her the secret about his father.  Both of them get calls from Kristina and Michael and head to the hospital. 

Joe wants the details of the job and wonders who the target is.  Jerry wants to discuss once he’s out and mentions knowing about Trey which surprises Joe.   Joe doesn’t want his son anywhere near what Jerry has planned. Jerry warns him to keep Trey away from Sonny.   Jerry says he needs Joe to provide him with a team of professionals and Joe is released. 

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TJ and Molly rib Shawn about new girlfriend Rosie.  Later on, the kids wonder who would make a better girlfriend for him and Alexis’ name comes out.  Molly thinks it would keep the heat off of them, but TJ points out that it could make things worse. Molly agrees that Shawn and Alexis shouldn’t date.  Molly continues to miss Kristina’s calls. 

Mac talks to Shawn about not missing police work and mentions bartending at The Rib.  He tells Shawn that he encouraged Alexis to seek him out for a date.  Shawn realizes that’s why Alexis came to see him that day and mentions Alexis seeing the girl he’s dating.  Mac wonders if Shawn is available. Shawn asks if Alexis is interested.  Mac tells him to give it a shot. 

Ewen calls Jerry to let him know that Alexis and Joss are in hospital and that Jason and John are at Wyndemere.  Jerry warns him to keep his mouth shut and that he’ll need to speed up his timetable. 

Michael and Starr sit with Josslyn.  Starr shows Joss a stuffed frog and says he has magical powers to help those in need and offers to give it to her.  She tells Michael that it’s time to let go.  She cries that children shouldn’t be in pain or die.  

Kristina wonders what Trey wanted to tell her.  He says the production company is suing him. His father will lose his investment and be bankrupt, unless Trey gives them ten episodes of the show and a wedding.  Kris is shocked that he wants to get married.  Trey tells her that he cares about her and believes they’d be good together.  Kristina agrees to help, but wants total honesty.  Trey tells her his father is in jail. 

John is shocked to get to AC and find out that Joe has been given a full release. 

Joe and Jerry move into Wyndemere and Jerry shows him the suitcase of vials. 

Liz rounds up Sam and Carly. Steve explains that it isn’t a bug bite, but it’s something they haven’t seen before. He doesn’t know how to treat it.  Steve wonders about the connection, but Carly says Joss hasn’t been anywhere near Alexis. Ewen lurks and listens as Jason arrives and hears that this was done on purpose.