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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly wants to know how Steve plans on treating Josslyn, but he’s just hoping the meds they’ve given are going to keep the fever down. Sam explains that Alexis was at Wyndemere. Jason feels that was where the injection took place. Carly can’t believe someone would take Josslyn to Wyndemere. Jason thinks Ewen can shed a light and explains seeing him there.

Johnny arrives and Carly gives him the details. She is upset that she doesn’t even known how long Joss was gone. She tells Johnny that it was deliberate and blames herself for not paying attention. Steve tells Carly that he’s rechecked some lab work and has bad news.

Ewen tells the same story about getting a call from the alarm company, but Jason says the call was a fake. He says that someone wanted Alexis there. Liz is glad that Ewen was delayed getting the message, figuring that he could have been injected too, but Jason doesn’t believe that.

Molly’s complaining to TJ about her mom when she finally checks Kris’ voice messages and they head to the hospital.

Trey explains to Kristina that his father is in jail, but has been framed. Kristina’s distracted by her mother and Trey tells her to focus on Alexis right now.

Jerry explains to Joe how he gave Alexis and Josslyn injections, which will ultimately make them very sick and that the doctors will spend the day chasing their tails.

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Ewen calls Jerry to warn them that people know the injections were given at Wyndemere and that people are getting close to figuring out what’s going on.

Liz is upset with Jason for assuming Ewen is involved. Liz says Ewen is a doctor who wouldn’t hurt people and he’s not a liar. Jason points out what she told him about Ewen leaving her at Wyndemere. Liz accuses him of trying to play hero to Sam, but Jason says Josslyn is sick too. Jason claims she doesn’t trust Ewen, but Liz say she’s dating him and likes him and not to try and protect her.

Joe calls Trey to ask about the wedding plans. Trey tells his father that there won’t be a wedding because Alexis is sick and it wouldn’t be right to mess with Kristina right now. Joe’s upset with Jerry for messing his wedding plans.

Dr. Cutie tells the Davis girls that Alexis is not responding to the medication and her fever and heart rate are going up which can cause organ damage. Steve tells Carly the same thing about Josslyn and that with fever comes seizures and possible brain damage. Sam and Molly beg the doctor not to let Alexis die and to do something for her. Steve tells Carly that they’ve done everything they can for Josslyn.

Johnny goes to the chapel to pray for Josslyn. He tells God not to make Joss pay for what he did, thinking that Josslyn is being punished for what Johnny did to Hope. Starr finds him there and says that she keeps thinking of Hope even though she should be focusing on Josslyn and supporting Michael. They hug and Johnny repeats that he’s sorry. Johnny says he has something to tell Starr but before he gets a chance, Michael arrives to tell them that Joss likely won’t make it, so Johnny heads back to Carly’s side. Michael’s upset that he promised he’d take Joss on a boat ride.

Shawn, TJ and Trey join them in the chapel, hold hands and pray. Carly wonders how she could not have noticed that Josslyn wasn’t in the house. Johnny tells her that she can’t stand guard by joss’s room all the time and that it’s not her fault. Carly talks to Josslyn, and tells her to fight.

At Sam’s insistence, Steve checks on Alexis but he tells her there’s nothing more than can do. Both monitors go off at the same time and both families think its’ the end.

Jerry explains to Joe that he didn’t harm either of them, that he loves them. Both Alexis and Josslyn suddenly wake up and their families rejoice as jerry says he did it to inoculate them, to keep them safe from what he’s about to unleash on everyone else.