Is Victoria Rowell Stalking Keisha on Single Ladies?


Keisha (LisaRay McCoy) has more drama going on than a Joe and Katherine Jackson Family Reunion would these days on Single Ladies! Last week, the video vixen-turned-real-estate-agent got spooked senseless when someone sent a snake—disguised as roses—to her house. That was after Keisha's secret not-quite admirer slashed all four tires on her Aston Martin!


While in this week's promo (See after the jump!) it appears Keisha and Co. think her stalker might be a dude, we're starting to wonder if it could be that hot mess Veronica, played by former The Young and the Restless superstar Victoria Rowell!

 Sure, Ronnie tried to act like everything was cool once she learned her ex-booty call Sean (Terrell Tilford) was romancing the fiery Ms. Green, but you know what they say about a soap diva scorned...

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Single Ladies airs at 9 PM EST tonight on VH1.

LisaRaye McCoy and Terrell Tilford pic courtesy of VH1.