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Nadia Bjorlin Jokes Re: Soap Absence and Return: "Without Chloe, You Could Have Put De Niro on DAYS and Nothing Would Happen!"

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Nadia Bjorlin fans, rejoice! TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting the raven-haired vixen is bringing songbird Chloe Lane  home to Salem!


TV Guide Magazine: What happens when Chloe returns?

Bjorlin: I have heard she's going to come back as her old self again, the Chloe with good self-esteem, a stronger and more confident Chloe who can really stand up for herself and not be bullied. Toward the end there, she was being bullied by everyone in Salem! No more. She's coming back a lot more mature and who knows? [Laughs] Maybe she'll get some revenge! There are so many possibilities for the character and they've only told me a little bit right now because they don't trust me with the information. It's been very hush-hush. [A Days rep adds that Chloe's return will be heavily centered around her son, Parker.]

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Chloe with a backbone? I'm digging that. Bjorlin also comically discussed her thoughts on being ousted from the sudser last year, in order to make room for the returns of other fan faves.

TV Guide Magazine: You, Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel were among those sacrificed for the great Days reset that brought back Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn and the rest. Did you watch any of it? If so, how did you feel when the reset didn't do what it was supposed to do? Vindicated?

Bjorlin: I did watch a little bit, but not religiously. Hey, it's always a gamble in this business. We all want our last four soaps to remain on the air so you gotta try things. [Laughs] But, hell-ooo, they were missing Chloe so what were they expecting? Without Chloe, you could have put De Niro on Days and nothing would happen! Let's get real here!