The Wendy Williams Show Earns New Studio, Better Set

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How you doin’? Wendy Williams’ talk show is certainly doing well. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Wendy Williams Show is getting a new studio, enhanced set and an longer “Hot Topics” segment, all of which will be broadcast in glorious high-definition.

"People will recognize the set from last season, but this season it will be enhanced," Williams told The Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, "we're using high-def, which will make everything sharper, and we have a bigger [studio] space."

Williams also said the "Hot Topics" segment -- a "fan favorite" in which she delivers her take on the biggest headlines -- previously ran about 10-12 minutes, but the expanded segment will run "a good 18 minutes."

"And that's before we even go to commercial," she said. "We get a lot of ground covered in that time."

Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show